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Tasty Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, as the name suggests, a few restaurants in Poughkeepsie that are just a little too far for students to walk to set up stalls in the College Center to sell their food.  Tasty Tuesday is an alternative every Tues­day for the Deece, Express Lunch or the Re­treat.  It has been a tasty treat for students since 2008.


Dutchess County Bus

Vassar has partnered with the Dutchess County Public Transit system.  We now get free rides to the train station in addition to a variety of other places.

 Find the Bus Schedule here:

 Simply show ID card to the bus operator on any Dutchess County Public Transit bus to receive a free ride.

The route operates Monday through Saturday only.

The route runs hourly with the bus stop on Collegeview Avenue @ nearside Fairmont Avenue  (for travel eastbound to Kmart, Stop and Shop and Adams Fairacre Farms) and at Fairmont Avenue @ nearside Collegeview Avenue (for travel westbound to Poughkeepsie Transit Hub and Train Station).


 VSA Saturday Shuttle

The VSA operates a shuttle for Vassar students to local stores and the mall most Saturdays of the year. The shuttle leaves campus hourly for stops downtown, the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall, a Barnes & Noble bookstore-cafe, and a Stop & Shop grocery. Look for the white Leprechaun Lines bus at the shelter by Jewett.


The shuttle attempts to follow this schedule shown below. It is important to note that times are approximate as various conditions can cause delays.

Depart Campus (North lot bus shelter) Downtown/Walkway Over the Hudson (Mansion and Washington) Train Station (Mill/Davies) Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall (South Road/Route 9) Barnes and noble (South Road/Route 9) Stop and Shop (South Road/Route 9) Arrive Campus (North Lot bus shelter)
1:00 PM 1:09 PM 1:12 PM 1:27 PM 1:40 PM 1:42 PM 1:55 PM
2:00 PM 2:09 PM 2:12 PM 2:27 PM 2:40 PM 2:42 PM 2:55 PM
3:00 PM 3:09 PM 3:12 PM 3:27 PM 3:40 PM 3:42 PM 3:55 PM
4:00 PM 4:09 PM 4:12 PM 4:27 PM 4:40 PM 4:42 PM 4:55 PM
5:00 PM 5:09 PM 5:12 PM 5:27 PM 5:40 PM 5:42 PM 5:55 PM
6:00 PM 6:09 PM 6:12 PM 6:27 PM 6:40 PM 6:42 PM 6:55 PM
7:09 PM 7:12 PM 7:27 PM 7:00 PM 7:40 PM 7:42 PM 7:55 PM
8:00 PM 8:09 PM 8:12 PM 8:27 PM 8:40 PM 8:42 PM 8:55 PM
9:00 PM 9:09 PM 9:12 PM 9:27 PM 9:40 PM 9:42 PM 9:55 PM



Project Period


Project.Period is an organization that provides free menstrual products to students on campus.  Boxes with products are distributed throughout housing areas, academic buildings, and dining areas, and are replenished periodically.  Project Period aims to supply all dormitory bathrooms and the bathrooms of some of the more popular academic or general buildings. For those who live in the Terrace Apartments and Town Houses, the products will be in the laundry rooms. A wide variety of menstrual products will be packed in clear containers. 


Semester Break Airport Shuttle Buses 

The bus rides to two New York City airports (JFK and LaGuardia) are up to 3 hours. To take advantage of this low cost transportation ($40 per student), Campus Safety & Security suggests that you schedule flights to leave in the afternoon or early evening. By comparison taking the train to New York City and then getting an airport limousine, bus, or cab to an airport could cost $50 to $75 dollars, and take 4 to 5 hours.


Campus Activities offers a shuttle bus to Boston during October Break, Thanksgiving Break (round trip), and Spring Break. Contact Campus Activities at 845-437-5370 or for schedule information or with any other questions about the Boston Shuttle Bus.





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