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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Stimpson's House of Nutrition

Stimpson's House of Nutrition

From the outside, Stimpson’s House of Nutrition looks like any other vitamin shop. But nothing could be further from the truth. Nestled inside its unassuming exterior, behind rows of pills and herbal supplements is a full-fledged heath food store which attracts health-conscious Poughkeepsie residents and Vassar students alike.

Stimpson’s opened its doors just over 35 years ago as a vitamin and body-builder supply shop. Although it found success catering to this narrow market, it expanded its offerings some 15 years ago to diversify its customer base and to respond to increasing demand for natural and organically grown foods. Stimpson’s carries a surprising array of products: every imaginable incarnation of soy, rice milk, nut butters, breads, cereals, teas and tea infusions and frozen foods. In addition, the market stocks organic personal items such as non-animal tested lotions, creams, shampoos and tea tree products. Vegans will also love this market. Stimpson’s carries vegan burgers, vegan soy pasta, frozen wheat grass, tempeh and Tofutti ice cream sandwiches to name a few items.

During my visit, the staff appeared to be personable, patient and professional.
Compared to large chains such as Whole Foods or Wild Oats, prices were surprisingly reasonable for a small, independently run store. The staff seemed willing to order items that were not usually carried in the store. Stimpson’s is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and for cash strapped Vassarites, the store accepts vCard.




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