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Exploring the Hudson Valley: Sushi Village

Sushi Village

In need of a quick sushi fix? Sushi Village, located right down the street on Raymond Avenue, will quench your thirst for off-campus flavor and can even accommodate those non-sushi-loving friends of yours. Known for its quick service, its often mind-boggling menu options and, yes, its sushi, the restaurant is a favorite for hungry Vassarions craving a night away from the dining hall, which, for the record, serves its sushi strictly cooked. Now where’s the fun in that?

When first presented with a menu at Sushi Village, you may need to take a few minutes just to digest the options. Personally, I always start with the miso soup (soy paste with tofu and cilantro) and the house salad with ginger dressing, but the menu also features appetizers such as seafood caubo soup, avocado salad and barbecue squid.

Sushi Village offers almost any kind of sushi imaginable, and each type is interchangeable in a number of different entrées and combo deals, or available as an appetizer or side dish. There are also many à la carte options. If you like getting a taste of everything, I recommend one of their combo entrées, which allows you to feast on a sushi roll of your choice and several pieces of assorted sushi or sashimi.

For the not-so-faint-of-heart, the restaurant offers numerous special rolls, including the spicy shrimp tempura roll, the love dragon roll and the fantasy eel roll. If you want to flaunt your Po-Town pride, order a Poughkeepsie roll, composed of salmon, jalapeño, shiso leaf, fresh melted mozzarella and crispy onion.

Not a sushi fan? The vegetarians among us, and those too chicken to give raw fish a try, need not despair. Sushi Village offers 13 veggie rolls, including the cucumber roll, the sweet potato roll and the mango avocado roll. There are also entire sections of the menu devoted to hibachi, tempura, teriyaki and other kitchen entrées, all of which are served with soup, salad and rice. If you’ve still got room for dessert, the restaurant offers ice cream, fried banana, mochi and, my personal recommendation, fried ice cream.

Prices at Sushi Village are entirely reasonable; individual sushi rolls cost around $4.50, sushi entrées are around $15, and kitchen entrées are priced at around $13. The restaurant is quite small, but this contributes to the unusually quick service and attentive waitstaff. Despite the size of the dining room, my friends and I have never had trouble getting a table, even when eating in a relatively large group. The VCard is not accepted there, but delivery is available. For quick service, extensive meal options and that ever-elusive fix to your sushi craving, Sushi Village is hard to beat.




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