Vassar Student Association

Spring 2014 Special Election


Each spring, the VSA holds elections for our many representatives. These positions vary greatly in their responsibilities, time commitments, and necessary skill sets.

The Vassar Student Association shapes an incredible amount of the student experience at Vassar. Representatives are essentially the architects of campus life. We govern ourselves; we decide on new organizations and publications and performing groups; we sit with faculty and administrators on policy committees; we plan scholarly conferences and throw all-campus parties; and we point out institutional problems and come up with solutions. We have an unusual amount of power to shape not only our own experiences at Vassar but policies that will influence the future direction of the College. We hope that you will consider running for a position, and contribute your unique life experiences, perspective, and talents.

Note that this site is meant as a rough and general guide for students considering a position within the VSA. For more information on positions and responsibilities, please read the VSA Constitution and Bylaws. These documents also contain important information pertaining to campaigning and elections procedures. Candidates are responsible for being informed of the rules and regulations contained within those documents.

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Key Dates

Filing & Campaigning Open:		12:00am	Monday		4/21
Filing & Campaigning Close:		12:00am	Friday		4/25
Voting Opens: 				12:00pm	Saturday	4/26
Voting Closes:				12:00pm	Sunday		4/27
Results Released in Retreat:		4:30pm	Sunday		4/27

Available Positions

2015 Class Council


The Class President is responsible for organizing and leading all meetings of the Class Council. The primary responsibility of the Class President is to act as the liaison between the class and the VSA Council. The Class President should be in constant communication with his or her class through e-mail and other means, and should listen and be other to any comments, suggestions, or criticisms that rise from the constituents of the class. The Class President must attend and actively participate in all VSA Council meetings and any other committees or sub-committee onto which they are placed by the VSA Council. His or her main responsibilities with the Class Council are to set the meeting agendas, delegate tasks for other members of the council, and to inform the council of any pertinent information from the larger VSA. The Class President also oversees all programming efforts and is responsible for delegating responsibilities to the various members of the class council.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for coordinating programming. This includes, but is not limited to, scheduling events with SARC interns, requesting programming support such as security as necessary, and coordinating supplies for programming.


The Class Secretary is responsible for maintaining minutes for all meetings of the class council. This secretary is also the liaison to the VP for Activities and completes organization reports and review as necessary. After the meetings, the secretary will email the minutes to the class council. The Class Secretary is also actively involved in the programming of the Class Council.

Town Students


Presidents shall serve as a voting member of the VSA Council and relay information and opinions between the VSA Council and their apartment area; and represent their apartment area in applicable meetings.


I want to get involved, but I still have questions about the position. Who should I talk to?

The Vassar Student Association is a widespread organization, and it can often be confusing to new (and even returning) students. We are here to help. If you have any questions about the positions or the elections (time commitment, responsibilities, etc.), do not hesitate to contact the VSA Vice President for Operations. We also encourage you to read about the VSA to understand some of the broader functions of student government at Vassar.

How to File (once filing opens)

Declaring a candidacy requires the following information:
» Your full name (you can optionally add a nick name in the following form: Abigail 'Abby' Doe).
» The position you are filing for.
» Your class year and on vs off campus status.
» A candidate statement. These statements typically describe your background (academic, extracurricular, work experience, etc.) and why you feel that you are qualified for the position you seek. If you would prefer to not submit a statement at this time, you may leave the box blank. Your candidate statement will appear along with your name on the voting (ballot) page of the respective position. Updates to your statement may be submitted to up to 48 hours before voting begins.


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