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Fall 2018 Candidates and Statements

The following students have filed for this election. The list will be updated on a rolling basis. Click on a candidate's name to read their candidate statement.

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2022 Senator for Activities

Luis Arguello

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Cal Quinn-Ward

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2022 Senator for Strategic Planning

Nick Beebe

When it comes to my own life, I’m an incredible planner. 


Yes, I’m organized like Google Calendar, but it’s more than that. Everything I do is a move of strategy. Some moves are bigger than others, but they all get the job done. Similar to a game of chess.


Sure, you could call me a scammer. I’m right around Amy Elliott Dunne in Gone Girl and Annalise Keating in How To Get Away With Murder. Needless to say, you need me as your Senator of Strategic Planning. 


I have plans and you need me representing you.


Ever hear of how good I strategize? If the answer is no — precisely. That’s what makes a good scammer a good scammer.


Vote for Nick. You know you need to.

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Aena Khan

During my short yet impressionable time at Vassar, I have fallen in love with the thriving and diverse community of which this college has allowed me to become a part. I am running for the Senator for Strategic Planning on behalf of the Class of 2022 to ensure the proper representation of this group in matters of Public Relations, VSA governance, and financial planning. I’ve heard concern and multiple opinions over topics from disabled access to certain buildings, activities being held for students, and proper representation in college affairs. As a woman of color familiar with the challenges these topics pose, I hope to contribute to solutions in any way I can. I will always be accessible to my peers and remain committed to the tasks of this position.

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2022 Senator for Student Affairs

Nick Erichson

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Cushing House

Cushing First Year Representative

Alexis Cerritos

Hello Fellow Cushing Residents!

            I’m Alexis Cerritos, and I live in 2 East. Let me tell you some things about me: I’m Hispanic and I’m from Long Island, right here in New York. I’m interested in film and political science, and I’m part of a few clubs like VCSS where I’m learning to become a DJ and Vassar Filmmakers where we talk/do all things relating to film. In the future I plan on making impactful films that capture the human experience and can effect change in our world that is so divided, now more than ever.

            As the First Year Representative for Cushing, I want to take everyone’s opinions into account to be the best voice for any and all ideas. If you ask most people, they’ll tell you that I’m kind and inviting. I want to make Cushing a unified environment and this is the first step in that direction! Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing and speaking with all of you.

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Elliot Porcher

As Cushing's first year rep, I will do my best to get us microwaves, a truly pressing issue in our house.

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Davison House

Davison First Year Representative

Muhtasim Miraz


Coming from an urban-Bangladeshi community, where the hard-working lives of people taught me just that—hard work, I employed diligence in my life. However, I never gave thought to “communities” because for most of my life, I saw the oneness of race—brown. I played with brown people, laughed with them, helped them...but it was always the same people. But now, here at Vassar, I meet people from different parts of the world, who embrace different cultures, speak different languages and follow different religions. It is as though the whole world is compressed in this place near the Atlantic. But I still had a question… where do I fit in with all this?

Conversing with this country’s people and even my relatives and friends who came before me, my heart found the answer it was looking for—English, the language I’ve learned to use in school from 3rd grade. English is the language through which I build new relationships and maintain older ones. For me, bilingualism is more than just communication: it is a part of my place in the diverse community I am in today. The diverse community in Vassar is incredibly lively and welcoming, and it is this community that I will once again play and laugh with. Being a Davison first-year representative will only be the first step of me giving back to this lovely community.

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Harrison Ostrosky

My name is Harrison Ostrosky, and I am running to be Davison House's First Year Representative. A little about me, I'm from South Carolina, I play the Euphonium (a small tuba), and love acting and writing. I believe I would be a fantastic choice for First Year Representative. I care deeply about making sure the place where I and all of you live is a fun and safe place. In the short time I've been here, I've managed to become so close to the wonderful people in my student fellow group, and our friendship is in part what inspired me to run. That exact sense of community and friendship is very important to me here. We already have a fantastic bond shared by all in Davi, and I'll make sure nothing ever changes that. Besides, I know we can always find ways to make it even stronger. 

I know that I will also be a great, loud, and strong voice for the first years, making sure you all are heard and considered to the fullest extent. Our perspectives are the newest, freshest, and sometimes the most vulnerable, and need to be understood and communicated. If we haven't met yet, I hope to soon. Davison is an amazing house and an amazing group of people, who I am excited to work with and work for. Thank you.

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Jewett House

Jewett First Year Representative

Eriche Gonzales


My name is Eriche (air-ich), and I use she/her/hers.


I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada, but I consider New York my home as well. In high school, I did Track & Field and Cross Country (aye shout out to my runners) and held leadership positions in Environmental Club and DECA. This summer, I worked as a camp counselor for two consecutive months. Throughout the last four years of my life, I’ve gained valuable experience in being in many different cultures, leading both big and small groups, upholding communities, and supporting people of all kinds.


If you’ve ever seen me around, you know I love to meet new people and shake hands. I’m notorious for doing so in the elevators and then forgetting your name soon afterwards. But if you elect me as your representative, I promise to learn all your names, and I shan’t forget it again.


I also love to talk a lot and love to listen to your stories. I believe that a 2-hour conversation can stem from a simple “Where are you from?” So if you ever need to talk, want to hang out, need a study buddy, or need anything at all, my door is open anytime in Room 311 (except for when I have class lol). I can also come up to your floor and hang out with you and/or your fellow group, whether it’s 3pm or 3am. Although, I’m definitely more of a night owl (no pun intended).


I’d love to represent all of you, so please, vote for Eriche as Jewett First-Year Rep! :)




Thank you,

Eriche Gonzales

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Sarah Berry Pierce

Hey y’all! I’m Sarah Berry, like strawberry but better because I’m a boss. I’m running for Jewett House Rep. I would really like the chance to represent our class this year! I have been involved in Student Government throughout High School and I was President of my schools Debate Team. I like to think I am organized and I love to plan and throw a party. I’ve been a professional Stage Manager for six years and my life mission is to get things done. I promise to work to make this the best year ever.


Despite the heat that about killed all of us during Orientation, we managed to survive and now I think it is time for some representation for our class. I promise I will work to ensure we have the best first year we can possibly have. I will be dedicated to preventing heat strokes and disorganization. In all seriousness, if given the chance to be on House Team this year I would work diligently to represent the class of 2022 in a positive way. Please feel free to always come talk to me, email me, or just say hey. I live on 7T (701) if you have any concerns that you would like to voice in person. I promise I will listen to suggestions and concerns and work to implement them or solve a problem. I absolutely love living in Jewett House and I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I hope you all will give me the chance to help truly make it our home.



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Josselyn House

Joss First Year Representative

Garrett Lamothe

Hey everyone! I want to represent all of you as Joss’s First Year Rep so I can incorporate your ideas (and mine!) into House Team planning and shape programming that contributes to a happy, healthy, and tightly knit Joss community.


Through all of the powers vested in me by our dearest mother Olivia Josselyn, I shall deliver thee unto greatness.


Feel free to stop by my room (217) if you want to chat or eat cheese.


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Jocelyn Rendon

Hi Joss First Years, 
I'm Jocelyn (she/her/hers)! I'm extremely happy to be running to represent all first-year students in Olivia Josselyn House! 
We've officially been at Vassar for over a month - how crazy is that?! Within this month, I'm sure we've all been able to find a home at Joss. 
As a first-year representative, I hope to be the line of communication between first-years in Joss and the rest of the house team. I am extremely excited to meet all of you at one point or another this school year. I hope we can coordinate some fun activities and address everyone's concerns with the rest of the house.

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Lathrop House

Lathrop First Year Representative

Katie Doroski

 I’m Katie and I live in 4 South! As Lathrop’s First Year Representative, I would work to bring the house together while making sure us first years have a voice. I strongly value cooperation and communication; I'm open to your suggestions and I already have some ideas of my own. For example, I would like to organize weekly movie nights/afternoons as a place for people to meet and befriend those that they may have not known before. Also, so everyone can attend events to support our fellow house members, I would put up a house-wide calendar for all residents to display their important activities (such as games/performances). Additionally, I want to put up signs in the bathrooms to remind people to not waste water, lower the toilet seat, and turn the lights off when they leave.

With your vote, I'd implement these ideas and work on any proposals that you may have to make our experience in Lathrop the very best. 

Thank you,
Katie Doroski

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Rob Downes

Lathrop is home. 

The first few weeks before coming to Vassar, I was both skeptical and, honestly, apprehensive towards leaving all that was familiar to me. To further complicate the transition, loss was something ever so prevalent in the days leading up to moving in. I was afraid I would be unable to find friends on whom I could rely and with whom I could be open and honest.

The first few weeks during my time at Vassar told an entirely different story. Walking into Lathrop House, I was thrown into a galvanized atmosphere of welcoming, love, positivity, and acceptance. Meeting my fellow group sustained the warmth I had begun feeling for this previously foreign campus. From the first night, I was open to these strangers, now friends, about everything I was going through. Their compassion and empathy just made me feel so loved and accepted. I found my family. I was home.

As Lathrop's First Year Representative, I wish to preserve, encourage and hearten the love that exists within the walls of our dorm. I aim to be a voice for the First Years, sharing our complaints, concerns, and ideas, acknowledging the validity we all have in what we believe. I will further the closeness and "homey" vibe found in Lathrop, in order to bring our charming community together. Further, I am currently, and will continue to be one who will listen to the struggles others are enduring, with my prior experience hopefully offering comfort in those times of need. 

In regards to my prior experience, I am not unfamiliar with elected student positions, serving as my class's senator for the prior four years of high school. Further, I have much experience in organizing and executing events. One such example is when I ran my high school's open acapella competition, which ended up raising $13,000 for the school's service trip to Tobati, Paraguay. Another example comes from my work over the summer with political campaigns, in which I organized fundraisers for my local State Representative candidate. In regards to prior demonstrated leadership external from student or local politics, I was chair of my high school's debate team while concurrently being captain of our mock trial team.

I look forward to the opportunity of being Lathrop's First Year Representative. 

The motto "Lath Love" holds a lot of truth, and I will ensure that this unabating love remains within the halls of our lovely home.

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Daniel Perez

I wish to be representative because I genuinely enjoy being involved in the house team. Having already attended all the past team meetings, I’ve grown to be interested in organizing fun events for us Lathropians. I believe that my pre-existing familiarity with house team planning makes me well prepared to be a full fledged member. As I haven’t gotten involved in any other orgs yet, house team has my full attention. 

By being in the meetings, I am aware of Lathrop’s biggest hurdle: our budget. With very limited funds, I strive to create study breaks and lath lounges that are as inexpensive as possible, so we may plan our big all-campus event with less financial stress. Having worked with restrictive budgets in the past, I know this is definitely achievable. My primary purpose for hosting my Smash Bros event on Friday was not to “bribe” anyone, but to show to you all that I am capable of setting up fun nights for all of us and am serious in this position. 


Being the president of my high school’s student body as well as its volunteer organization, Key Club, I have been heavily involved in student government and know the challenges that come with it. I have never been scared to speak my mind and will fight for whatever plans we collectively have set our minds to. 


Put your faith in me, and I will lead our house to victory! Let Daniel rePEREZsent you! 



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Chloe Richards

Hi! I’m Chloe Richards and I’m running for the position of First Year Representative for Lathrop House. As soon as I stepped into Lathrop House I felt incredibly welcomed, and I feel that I have found a home here. Because I love Lathrop and all the wonderful people in it, I want to play a role in how we run our dorm. Even after only the short time I’ve spent here so far, I can tell that Lathrop has a very unique culture. I think that it is important that we do our best to keep the Lath Love alive. As a first year I have noticed that within the dorm it has been hard to meet returning students who are not on house team. I would like to help bridge this gap, and continue to grow our awesome Lathrop family. In the past I was the president of my high school’s Architecture and Design Club, and I would use the skills I learned from my position if I am elected as First Year Rep. I am also very open to listening to anyone’s ideas on how to continue making our first year here in Lathrop great. Whenever I’m in my room (214) the door is open, so please drop by, even if it’s just to chat. I hope you will consider voting for me as the Lathrop First Year Representative!

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Main House

Main First Year Representative

Julio Gonzalez

My name is Julio Gonzalez (he/him/his) and I am honored to be running for First Year
Representative for Main House. I am originally from The Bronx, NYC and now I
consider Main to be my home as well.
I have been at Vassar for almost two months now, due to my involvement in URSI and
Transitions, and through those programs I have had the opportunity to meet so many new
people. I hope to create a sense of community beyond just waving at each other in the
As First Year Representative, I will always be open to listen to any concerns, issues, or
thoughts that may come across your mind. I live on the South side of the third floor in
room 341 which is, for the most part, open so come by and let's talk! (I can always make
time for my fellow Main House First Years).
Lots of Love for all of the first years in MAIN HAUS (BEST HAUS),
Julio Gonzalez
P.S. → If any of you guys have beef with any other house, then we all beef with that
house! Let me know so that we can send the pink elephants their way!!!!!

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Jack Pesqueira

Hi, I'm Jack (he/him/his), I'm from Long Island, NY, and I'm interested in representing all the first-year students of Main House. 
I have been at Vassar for almost a month now, and the sense of community I have already perceived within Main House and on campus motivates me to get more involved. I took my leadership positions back at home very seriously, and I would enjoy continuing to lead and help as many people as I can. Main House Team has been receptive, kind, and helpful, and I would be a dedicated and hard-working member if given the opportunity to join. 
If elected, I'd like to post an anonymous suggestion box outside my door for anyone who has an issue, yet may be apprehensive to be upfront about it. I would relay all concerns, both in person and anonymous, to the rest of House Team and make sure your concerns are addressed. Bottom line is: I will work for you! I just ask that you give me the opportunity to do so by giving me your vote. 
Main House IS the best house. Let's keep our reputation in tact and elect someone who is committed to keeping it that way. 
Thanks for reading,

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Noyes House

Noyes First Year Representative

Casey Draskovich

Hello, name is Casey Draskovich. I am running to be your first year representative for Noyes. I have always enjoyed being part of of student government and helping my peers with their issues as an individual and as a community and I would like to continue doing so throughout my college career. I tend to take an outside view of situations leaving out as much bias as humanly possible and trying to find the best solution for all parties involved because in many situations there is not a solution that everyone agrees with, but there is always room to compromise. My experience  consists of 4 years experience with a national, student lead organization known as the Technology Student Association where I served as the chapter Vice President for my school; Sophomore, State Reporter for Tennessee; Junior, and finally as state Vice President as a Senior.

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Dasha Lochoshvili

I would like to run for a position of Noyes First Year Representative for number of reasons. First of all, I am an international student from the country Georgia, so I attended both International and American students' orientations. It means that I got the chance to meet a lot of people, and I feel confident I know nearly every first year in Noyes House. So, it will be easy for me to communicate to them, understand their ideas, opinions, or concerns, and represent them to the board. Moreover, during the high school, I held the positions of vice-president and prefect (senior student, who enforces discipline and helps freshmen adapt to the new environment) in Student Council, so I have improved my leadership skills. Both of those positions implied mediating between the office and the student body, so I have an experience in representing the students to the board. Moreover, I am interested in psychology and other social sciences, so I am interested in social interactions. I like communicating with different people with diverse cultural backgrounds, and I believe that I can manage to represent all of the diverse first year student body of Noyes House.

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Chloe Stein

Hi! My name is Chloe Stein (she/her/her's) and I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and I hope to become the Noyes first year representative.

I attended a boarding high school, and therefore have had a lot of experience living in dorms and with my peers. Furthermore, my senior year of high school, I was a Prefect in my dorm, meaning I was in charge of taking care of the students within that dorm, enforcing rules, and meeting with them weekly to check in (essentially like a student fellow). Through this experience, I gained a lot of knowledge in how to plan events for a dorm and for the campus as a whole.

I would like to be the Noyes first year representative because, aside from it being the best house on campus, I’d like to build a community within the dorm and the campus as a whole. Since we’re not located in the quad, I would like to find ways to bring people over to Noyes circle more often so that they can see what a beautiful place Noyes is too.

I hope you will consider me as a candidate for this position!

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Raymond House

Raymond First Year Representative

Samantha Cavagnolo

Hey! I am Samantha Cavagnolo (Sam) and I am running for Raymond’s first year rep.

To be completely honest, this is the second candidate’s statement that I have written. Initially I tried to be some mix of funny and interesting. I can’t guarantee that you will find me to be either of those things (although I certainly hope you will) but I can guarantee that I really care about this position and about Raymond house. 
In high school I ran my school’s speech and debate team. Although it was incredibly stressful it taught me how to be a strong leader, a diligent manager, and gave me the ability to learn how to work effectively with others (even when we were quite literally on opposite sides). High school in general has shaped me into the person that I am today—someone who is a bit loud at times, always willing to listen, a total “mom friend”, and willingly to give everything for what is important to them.  
The more I thought about what I wanted to say in this statement the more I realized just how invested I am in being first year rep. I believe I, like everyone else running, am qualified for this position but what I hope can set me apparent how much I care. I am committed to doing my part to make Raymond a supportive, productive, and welcoming community in any and everyday that I can. And I know that the best way that I can show you all that commitment is by serving as first year rep.
Thank you.

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Devin Dufour

Hi all, I'm Devin (they/them), and I'm from Hickory, NC. I’m running for the first-year representative position because I’m well-suited to serve the student body and hope to be another support for first-years in Raymond. I’ve been on executive boards of several clubs throughout high-school, and know how to work with a committee. I spent a summer working as an overnight camp counselor, and lived in a dorm setting for my last two years of high school. My senior year, I was a Teaching Assistant for one of my old teachers and one part of my position was working as a liaison between the prof. and her students. These experiences have allowed me ample opportunity to learn how to best interact with both my peers and authority figures, and how to make proactive change in group environments.


Should you choose to elect me, I will do my part to ensure that I am an active liaison between the first-years of Raymond house and the rest of house team. The initiatives I'm most interested in proposing are increased inclusivity programming(i.e. queer/POC initiatives, programming for those who didn't get much social justice awareness training back home) and events where first-years can meet upperclassmen(i.e. siblings, programming where one can casually talk to upperclassmen about different majors/interests, etc.). Most importantly, I want to make sure that Raymond House first-years needs are anticipated and met. Thanks for reading!

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Anna Roh

Hello! My name is Anna Roh and I will be running for first year representative for Raymond House. I think I would be a good fit for the position because I do have previous leadership experience, being the captain for my high school golf team for 2 years and also leading multiple volunteer programs this past Summer as well. I also have an incredibly strong drive to make a difference in my community because I have a genuine passion for helping others and making people feel better. In Raymond, I want to make other people feel like they belong because the internal yearning for human companionship is not a want but a need. People need to feel like they belong in something to succeed and I want everyone in Raymond to succeed. No one deserves to be an outcast. I feel like I have begun to install a web of belonging with all the new people I have met in Raymond by hosting small game nights in my dorm, writing and leaving small notes of encouragement on room doors and engaging in small talk in the hallways and bathrooms. So far, every person I have met has been incredibly special in their own way and I will make sure that they never forget their intrinsic charm. And for me, it is not enough to only help one person but the entire first-year class at Raymond. I get that it’s hard to move to a new area where you don’t know anyone. That is why it is so important to establish a group of people to rely on. I want the first-years at Raymond to know that they can rely on me. I would never shoot anyone down or disrespect an individual because they had different values than mine. The people of Raymond will be okay with me. And that is why I love Raymond, because it is more than just a house. It is a beautiful melting pot of people that deserve to feel special. It’s the people that make Raymond special to me.


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Alex Wilson

Hey fellow Raymond first-years, I’m Alex! (he/him/his)!
It’s been so great to get to know all of you this past month, and I can’t wait to get to know you even more this coming year, and throughout the next four. 
Some fun facts about me: I’m a huge RBG/Britney Spears superfan (so I like to think of myself as pretty multifaceted), Annie’s mac n cheese makes me very happy, “Parks and Rec” is my all-time favorite show (“Veep” is a close second), and my favorite thing to do at Vassar is hammock down at Sunset Lake.
In high school, I led multiple organizations, and in these positions, I gained experience working in a committee setting, as well as communicating effectively both with administration and other students.  
If elected, I’ll be sure to streamline access to residential, academic, and mental health resources on campus for Raymond’s first years. In addition, I’d like to create even more fun programming for everyone (everything from gingerbread house decorating to getting some snuggly therapy dogs), and form some different groups (such as Raymond book or movie groups!) to give all of us more of an opportunity to get to know each other.
The bottom line is that I think that Raymond House is such a special place, and I want to make sure that we give everyone here everything that they need to feel at home.
Yay for ray pride :)

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Strong House

Strong First Year Representative

Lucy Postal

Hi! I’m Lucy (she/her/hers) and I am so excited to be running for the position of first year representative for Strong House! First of all, I love Strong House! As cliche as this may sound, Strong House has definitely become my Vassar home. I love the parlor, the MPR, the people, and how the bathrooms are almost always consistently clean. But all jokes aside, I would really love to be a part of Strong House team as the first-year rep.

In terms of past experience, I have held various leadership positions throughout high school. I served as a Student Government representative for four years as well as a representative to the School Leadership Team during my senior year. I've also sat on the board of several student led organizations and I know how to productively work with a group of people to achieve our shared goals. 

If I'm elected as first year rep, I intend to be an active member of house team as well as a resource for all First Years living in Strong! I'm so excited to plan study breaks, Strong House events, and inclusivity programming! 

Thanks so much for reading!! Strong Strength!

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Board of Elections and Appointments

Board of Elections and Appointments 2022 Representative

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