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Spring 2017 Candidates and Statements

The following students have filed for this election. The list will be updated on a rolling basis. Click on a candidate's name to read their candidate statement.

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VSA President

Miranda Amey

This will be up soon enough! In the meantime, feel free to speak to me in person or fb message me. Also, my email is if you have any questions or anything else! 



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Pietro S. Geraci

Hi Vassar,

My name is Pietro Geraci, and I aspire to be your next VSA President! Unlike the other candidates, I won't make abstract promises that will never be delivered upon. Instead, I've come up with a list of proposals that I believe will help make Vassar a better place. Check it out, and if there's anything you'd like to see the VSA do for you, email me at or message me on Facebook. 

VSA Presidential Platform
The Greatest Campaign You Ever Did See

1. Weekly trips to the local animal shelter, with transportation to be worked out with ResLife;

2. Film all VSA Senate meetings for transparency purposes;

3. Enact a permanent ban on secret ballot voting in all Senate and committee meetings;

4.Explore and enact programs and community service opportunities that would benefit downtown Poughkeepsie on behalf of Vassar College;

5. Explore and enact programs and community service opportunities that can further engage Vassar College with Syrian refugees;

6. Explore and enact strategies and actions that would press the administration to get to work straightaway on the renovation of Raymond House, including calling for a boycott of Raymond House, with all assigned students living with other students in different houses.
a. File a lawsuit against the College to get Raymond fixed if absolutely necessary as there are serious safety issues with Raymond House;

7. Work with administration to create and implement a plan to install new elevators in Raymond, Josselyn, and Cushing Houses;

8. Explore and enact strategies and actions that would press the administration to install ramps on at least one entrance to Strong, Lathrop, Raymond, and Noyes Houses;

9. Work with the Chair of Residential Affairs, the Chair of Equity and Inclusion, and the Chair of Finance to achieve the construction of ramps at Strong, Lathrop, Raymond, and Noyes Houses; 

10. Continue to pressure the administration to divest from the fossil fuel industry;

11. Work with the administration to change the mandatory reporting policy;

12. Replace buses that run to Boston for breaks with Amtrak tickets, to be 80% subsidized by the VSA through appropriated funds, so as to reduce the carbon footprint of students;

13. Work with administration to create and implement a plan to have solar panels installed on the roofs of all buildings;

14. Work with the Chair of Organizations to create strategies that will help all clubs grow and succeed in their goals;

15. Establish two rounds of Senatorial debates on two different days for elections: one for general Senate candidates and one for Senate executive board candidates;

16. Work with the Chair of Residential Affairs and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life to bring about services for people of less common religions.


Real Leadership, Real Change. Vote Piet for President.

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Hey y'all! My name is Samin Huq (he/him/his), but you can call me Sam for short! I'm running for VSA President for a multitude of reasons, believe it or not. For one, I want to get to know my fellow students the best as I can. I've been here for almost two semesters and while I've gotten to know some truly amazing people and great things about Vassar, I honestly feel like I could've done better - most of the people I'm acquainted with are in my school year, yet I wish to be able to connect with everyone.

In addition, I recognize the importance of representing and standing up for all students at Vassar. As a person of color and an international student from South Asia, I believe I can at least offer my fellow internationals as well as people of color on this campus a style of leadership that is more receptive to their concerns and committed to addressing them the best way I can. Culture shock and institutional racism or race-blindness are understated issues and none of us should have to put up with them.

I also wish to work with the administration on several issues of importance. These are as follows:

  • pro-disability policies (specifically the implementation of elevators and - if necessary, ramps - for Raymond, Noyes and Josselyn) and curbing wasteful college spending such as building a bar in the Vassar Alumnae House
  • arrange transportation to the mall for two days a week (as opposed to Saturdays alone)
  • curb secrecy in the Vassar Senate (namely ending secret ballot voting and filming meetings to ensure transparency)
  • modifications to the All-Access Meal Plan so as to minimize the economic impact on low-income students as well as avoid burdening students who live in the South Commons, Ferry or elsewhere)
  • attempts at bursting the Vassar 'bubble', namely through arranging for more frequent low-cost group trips to New York proper, the animal shelter and parts of downtown Poughkeepsie
  • supporting people of differing religious backgrounds or lack thereof to create specific safe rooms for them to conduct religious services in
  • improving access to the number or quality of jobs, internships and research opportunities for students - both on-campus and off-campus. Some on-campus jobs entail menial or virtually no-skill work and fail to provide student workers with
  • using the Powerhouse Theater as a formal on-campus movie theater for students with paid tickets and snacks
  • building gender neutral bathrooms all across campus

I can't promise I can implement or achieve these goals - especially not on my own. I don't have any prior experience in the VSA (though if it didn't stop Donald Trump...I have a shot right?) I'm gonna need your help in making the campus a better place for every one of us. And if accepted - I'll do my best.

Here's to The Better Vassar,



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Rebecca Pober

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Kate Spence

Hey y’all, 

My name is Kate Spence (she/her/hers), and I’m running for VSA Pres to get shit done. I’ve observed great presidents like Ramy and I’ve seen what can get done e.g. the VSA restructuring. 

Yes, I have not been directly involved with VSA, but I have attended senate meetings, met with current members and I have been paying attention to what has been working and what has not. I was a student fellow in Lathrop, I am restarting the Women of Color Alliance and I hope to implement new first year programming specifically geared towards this group. I want to use my access to the administration to help encourage more direct student and administrator interactions. Specifically, I would like to see a group of students working with the administration to help reform the way bias incident reports are handled.

I want to run to bring in a new perspective and to serve as a leader and a liaison between a traditionally white space, white administration and Vassar’s student body. 


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Gray Thurstone

Wow, where to begin? My name is Gray Thurstone (figured I should start with the name).  It's kind of hard to say why I am running to be president of the VSA, but I guess the truth is that I'd like the opportunity to get to know the students at Vassar as best I can. I've been here almost three years now, and I honestly should have done better at that. I haven't liked being at Vassar the entire time I've been here, and I don't even have it bad. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'd like to make people happier. Everyone deserves to be comfortable--that shouldn't be an issue, but we all know it is. I can't promise that I will be able to do that (or even be a good president); but I can promise that I'll try. Everyone deserves to be able to call Vassar theirs; so I guess that's my mission. Thank you,


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Ian Vasily


Do you feel like student government gets too little done? Do you feel like the issues that matter to you are ignored? Do you want some chicken parm? Then vote for me, Ian Vasily, to be VSA President.

Last semester was great; we had chicken parmesan at the deece about once every week. This semester I did not see it once: a tragedy for the average Vassar student. Now, this was no fault of chicken parm. It's a protein heavy dish that is both nutritious and delicious. Not only that, but as it is made with chicken, it's very economical. In 2016, the wholesale price of chicken was 85 cents per pound. Much cheaper than the 145 cents per pound price for pork and the 295 cents per pound price of beef. Vote for me and I will fight to have chicken parm served at least once a week.


Chicken parm would do wonders for our campus's sustainability. Pounds upon pounds of food are thrown away at the deece every month. Frankly this is because the food just isn't very good. If we served weekly chicken parm, people would be licking up every last bite of it, not throwing it out.


Another issue many students have is a lack of weekend programming. With regular chicken parm offered, this will no longer be a problem. Who needs to go to a party when chicken parm IS the party?


I understand my chicken parm platform may not offer much to vegetarian students. Don't worry however, I have you covered. You know those really tasty Oreo brownies that are at the deece about once a month? Yeah, I want to make those weekly too.


This election, please consider me for the position of VSA president. And remember, "A little parm does no harm!"

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VSA Vice President

Marcella Gallo


My name is Marcella. I am a junior Religion Major at Vassar. I have lived in Florida, Georgia, Kenya and Hawaii. Right now I am studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark with a focus on Positive Psychology.

I want to be Vice President of Vassar Student Association because I want to support our evolution toward a just, harmonious, sustainable, and loving community.

While at Vassar, I have witnessed multitudinous accounts of individuals standing up in the face of racial and gender inequality, hunger and danger, global warming, among countless other forms of worldly injustice. I have watched with wonder as others create inspiring theater, comedy, films, podcasts, and alternative expressions of intelligent imagination. 

We are a strong, unique bunch. We have skills, drive, and vision. We have a collective desire to grow beyond the perceived limitations of today and more fully step into the lives we came here to live.

In high school, I served as the Corresponding Secretary of my student government. I have also played the role of Flute Section Leader and Student Conductor; Camp Counselor; Member of Vassar College Orchestra, Idlewild, Ferry and Noyes Houses; Nanny; Restaurant Hostess; Sister; Daughter; Granddaughter; Student at the International School of Kenya; Athlete on the paddling, swim, and track teams; Spiritual Seeker; Actress in The Cherry Orchard, Much Ado About Nothing, student films; Yogi; Comedy Troupe Auditioner (made it to the second round of VC Improv!); Airplane Passenger; Weed-picker; Cook; and some other things.

I now want to serve as Vice President of VSA.

The theme in my life right now is love. Self-love, love of others, love of challenge, love of growth. I want to bring love to the forefront of my work in the role of VP to foster the growth of a loving community of human beings at Vassar and beyond. 

Additionally, I am a Virgo and am very into organization, efficiency, and productivity—all good values for navigating the responsibilities of Vice President, whose primary role is overseeing the internal affairs of the VSA. 

Thank you for your time.



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Cody Harmon

Hello everyone:

Before you decide that you want to read all of this on top of our excessive workloads, here is a quick summary of what I wrote below:

  • Who am I? I am Cody. I use the preferred pronouns: He/Him/His. I am non-traditional student who identifies with Transitions, BSU, Posse, Accessibility
  • What am I bothering you? I am announcing my candidacy for Vice President of the VSA for the 2017-2018 academic year and here is some of what I’d like to offer for the next year and beyond (real simple):
    • Help understand what is the VSA to the student community who has no idea what is --- introduce plain language about the VSA history.
    • Remind the VSA who is the VSA for and who does it represent --- cut the politics out and be honest.
    • Making VSA for accessible --- no transparency unless you devote an hour or more of your time on Sunday to understand what is discussed...increase media opportunities for our community (on campus, abroad, future, alum) to stay aware of what we are doing with the money being managed.
    • Have more town halls and student-led sessions about what you want and need from your student government (if anything) --- returning power back to the student population and not the elected representatives
    • Increase awareness through programs, forums, discussions addressing social class, gender, microaggressions, coalition building, grant writing, etc. --- tackle the real-life issues head on.
    • Recognize the importance of community building --- working with local colleges to host joint events, new organizations that promote equality like ACLU & NAACP, and dedicated time for community service beyond Arlington, NY area.
    • Letting you in --- the VSA Exec Board and committees have a lot of “power” with the board and admin, but we need to have different faces be able to address their concerns and thoughts because you matter just as much! We cannot honestly say we hear from everyone all the time can we?
  • What is my VSA experience?
    • 2015-2016: VSA Operations Committee Member
    • 2016-2017: VSA Chairman of First Year Programs (Student-led)
    • 2016-2017: Vassar Orientation Committee
    • 2016-2017: VSA Academics Committee - Multidisciplinary Representative
    • 2016-2017: VSA Finance Committee Member

-----------------------The Candidate Spiel ----------------------------------

Hi everyone my name is Cody and derive from New Orleans, Louisiana and it is with hopefulness that I submit my candidacy for Vice President of the Vassar Student Association for the 2017-2018 academic year. Currently, I am a current 2nd-year student majoring in Education with a correlate in Anthropology. I encourage the use of he/him/his pronouns, but I have been known to answer to “Hey Boo” or “Hey Trash” as well.

This candidacy for Vice President is not about me but all about you! Service is the word that comes to my mind first and foremost and only believe that is fair to continue to serve after over a decade in the U.S. military. While on active duty I learned how to be operational, strategic, and committed to the mission that would come of great value for service to you. This is exactly what the position calls for as the VP is responsible to serve as the Chief Operating Officer of the VSA and overseeing the internal affairs of the VSA.

Why I want to represent you?

In positions like these in the Exec Board of VSA, it is important not only to have an inclusive and accountable representative but consistency is a word that is not really used. Consistency is necessary for the times we are in right now at Vassar. With the recent VSA restructuring, major shifts and discussions about academics, admissions, programs, funding, faculty and staff, it is vital that we, as a student community, solve the issues through reasonable, accountable timeliness. I do not have to remind you that most things here tend sit and die in committee, with the administration and board of trustees but it is a smart strategy because the more time they buy the more our population loses the spirit of change on a specific issue. Imagine a moment when something needed to change/has been problematic and you did not get an answer in a respectable timeline. This is a change that I would want to bring to the VSA VP position. Having some capital from the previous academic year would be helpful to advise the incoming VSA VP on matters that were discussed, determined and dedicated for a response that many times we never see. Let’s change that together.

My commitment to keep it real through accountable discussions with the board of trustees, administration, and faculty is something I’ve been able to do because of my experience before and in Vassar. I am definitely not bureaucratic at all...I am honest to the T. Criticism (constructive or not) is a lesson I’ve learned through mentorship to develop a sense of growth in a department. Keeping it real comes from listening and hearing first and that is what I will continue to do for us all.

Through my involvement in the Operations Committee (before restructuring), I was able to work with Ruby (former VP of Operations) and Ramy (former President of VSA) on matters that directly affected us a student community. It was their vote of confidence in my ability as a first-year that I became interested in how the VSA and this community works? Does anyone really know --- I would like us to learn together through transparency, accountability and responsibility. Let’s face it...the VP is not the President but they may have influence on decision.

What have I done in the past?

While there are a plethora of organizations, committees and activities, I decided to join the VSA Operations Committee as the only first-year student on the committee (before the restructure of the VSA) on the first semester. The challenges, authority and successes of operating the livelihood of all students on and off-campus was helpful to understand basic complexities of the VSA. I’d like the opportunity to work with you to understand the issues and correct them in our time together as Vice President for 2017-2018 academic year.

Having many identities it was easier to navigate in the individual programs/orgs but it was harder to understand the inconsistencies in these programs/orgs. This year, my service has been in the VSA Senate as the Chair of the First-Year Committee, Multidisciplinary Representative on the Academics Committee, a member of the Financial Board and appointed to the Orientation Committee. In addition to VSA duties, I have served with ACCESS, Black Student Union, Campus Life & Resource Group, Council of Black Seniors- African Violets, Divest, Exploring Transfers, First-Year Programming, Posse Veterans Program and Transitions.

Hopeful Future

Building on the skill set from the military and the life at Vassar, I can attest that I’m committed to overseeing a process for much needed changes. The service in helping orchestrate better changes has been my track record in matters that are most concerning to my identities and those identities that I do not directly identify with. It is in these moments I am able to call on my soft skills and find common ground. This is how the change-progress system works (transition=change+progress). Commitment.

The 2017-2018 academic year has been one of excitement, trial, uncertainty, and action. Students have been mobilized on campus, in the city, throughout the state and at national level regarding social, economic, political and environmental issues at at a minimum. I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside you in these issues and I will continue to fight for you on the campus, community and wherever needed on issues of affordability, environmental awareness, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Building upon the progress and strengths of students, I will continue to devote my time and effort to the benefit of fellow and future Vassar students.

Finally, I will continue to encourage you, connect with you, and listen to you. Regardless of if I am elected or not, I will continue to address the issues ranging from campus accessibility to community accountability. As a student, we all carry the responsibility to work together and expand upon our strengths and forge into new ideas as we all understand how important time is for all of us students.

If you have made it this far...thank you for reading. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have now, during campaigning season, and beyond. This work never stops.

Peace & Blessings to you and yours:



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Anish Kanoria

Hi! My name is Anish Kanoria (he/him/his) and I'm a rising senior, an international student from India, and a Political Science/Economics double major. 
Why I want to run for VSA VP? To make the VSA more responsive and transparent.
  • 2018 Spring Senator for Strategic Planning - member of the Senate, Operations and Planning Committees of the VSA
  • Co-founded the Vassar Refugee Solidarity Initiative
  • Cushing House President was involved in flagship VSA projects like the VSA Restructuring and the City Shuttle
  • Cushing freshman representative


  • Posting of attendance records of Senate and committee meetings on the VSA homepage or some other public forum 
  • Creating a database of meetings and promises made by the college so that we can start building institutional memory on the student side
  • As a representative to the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid, I will try my best to make sure the college sticks to its commitment to need-blind admissions
  • Hold 'VSA Review' meetings twice a semester to take stock of where we are and where we want to go
  • Work with the VSA President to democratize the process of VSA Agenda setting. This could include sending an anonymous survey to all students and ask directly what you would like to see discussed and acted upon
  • Initiate the construction of dedicated VSA sessions for specific campus issues and invite students and/or administrators 
Thank you if you made it this far! 
Please feel free to contact me via email ( or Facebook with any questions, comments and the like. 
Have a lovely rest of spring (when it starts)!

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Chair of Equity and Inclusion

Tamar Ballard

What's up shawties,

My name is Tamar Ballard (my first name is pronounced hammer but with a T!), my pronouns are she, her, and hers, and I'm running for Chair of Equity and Inclusion.

Apart from being a member of the Class of 2019, I'm a Computer Science and Urban Studies double major (my URBS clusters are Africana Studies and Sociology). I'm also a part of Noyes House Team as a Student Fellow, a member of the 2015 cohort of the Transitions Program, and work as a student assistant at the Infant Toddler Center on campus. I enjoy blazers and windbreakers, music, Oreos, and laughing.

An essential part of my time here at Vassar as been working towards making this space a safe space for everyone, especially those who experience prejudice and discrimination both on and off-campus for certain parts of their identities. As a low-income, first-generation, black student, I've had my share of trash times on this campus, ranging for micro-aggressions to racist remarks written on bathroom walls. I know how it feels to be uncomfortable here. However, while things haven't been all peaches and cream for me (or some of my peers) here, I recognize that we (as a community of people from all over) have to do the work to see the changes. And while we all enjoy being unique in our experiences and identities, we all have a responsibility to work to make sure that we are all able to be our best selves here, despite our differences.

 I created and spearheaded several talks for the We Got You and We Got You, Too! series last semester (two of the most rewarding experiences of my life), and I've started a community group that works to give back to the community of Poughkeepsie (right now we're working with a bunch of cute kids at Krieger Elementary). As Chair of Equity and Inclusion I would love to continue dialogue surrounding the issues addressed in these spaces as well as work to expand dialogue across campus to work to make this space more like home for everyone, because while it might sound cheesy, we all deserve to feel happy and safe here.

Feel free to message me on Facebook or email me ( if you have any questions about anything!

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Chair of Residential Affairs

Takunda Maisva

Hello my name is Takunda, I am a sophomore Biology major, and currently the House President of Noyes House. I would like to be the Chair of BORA next year and I hope that you will see that I am the best fit for the position.

If you were to ask anyone what BORA was they would not know unless they were on a house team or residential leadership position. I would like to promote and make aware the importance of the board and make it more accessible to all students. Residential affairs involve ALL residents not just those representing others.

I have lived and breathed ResLife for the past two years.  By being apart of a house team as a first year representative and as a house president, I have built lasting connections with the people who work in the ResLife Office. This relationship will allow me to build and reinforce a connection between the ResLife Office and the student body. As chair, my goals will be to ensure that the concerns of the students are presented and addressed promptly and effectively. Especially, because the areas this position covers deal with the living conditions of the students which should always be a priority.

As seen by the information above, I believe that I have gained much experience through the various leadership positions I have been in, and I know that I would successfully chair the Board of Residential Affairs.

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Chair of Academics

Alexis "Ally" Fernandez

My name is Ally Fernandez (she/her), I'm an English and Latin American Studies major from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and I would be honored to serve as your chair of Academics for the 2017-2018 school year. Through my years at Vassar, I've been blessed to serve my communities in a variety of ways, from two years as a student fellow, to VSA, to working in various departments of the campus life and diversity office, and I want to continue making an impact through my senior year. The driving force through my time here at Vassar has always been those who have helped me up and opened doors in spaces where I've felt unwelcome and incapable, and one of the places I've needed that most is in the classroom and administrative/academic realm of the college. It is in those spaces where I'm forced to remember who these classrooms were built for, and am simultaneously more fired up than ever to be loud and demand discomfort. I do not hesitate to be visible, and would cultivate courage every day in this position. That courage will not come solely from me, but from those who have unflinchingly supported me and inspire me every day in our Vassar community. Not only from those like me, but those who I've built coalition with, who I trust to be working towards a collective, creative vision, of what we can make this place. Every inch of Vassar belongs to us, and it's time we let people know. 

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Joaquim Goncalves

Hello/Hola! My name is Joaquim (Joaqy) Gonçalves [they/them/their] and I would love to have the chance to serve as your Chair of Academics for 2018-2019. It is extremely important for there to be a Chair of Academics that understands how curricula and pedagogy is experienced by students of color and those of marginalized identities. Being an afro-latínx queer femme, I know what it feels like to be unheard. I have been silenced and unheard at this institution, and I am not afraid to say these things. I am ready to relay and advocate the issues that are brought forward to me and will not hesitate to take action when oppressive classroom dynamics are brought to my attention. 

This position carries immense responsibility, and I am willing to shoulder that weight for my community. I will aim to support and create policy in conversation with and for students who have been historically silenced at this institution. Representing students' concerns to faculty and administration must center the most marginalized voices seeking to be heard. I have been unheard, and I no longer wish me or my community to be.

en solidaridad,



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Chair of Organizations

Pat DeYoung

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Chair of Finance

Alissa Bringas

Hello! My name is Alissa Bringas and I’d like to be your next Chair of Finance!



·      I’m a junior
·      I’m a math major
·      I was in Transitions (2014 Cohort)
·      I served as a Transitions Intern (2015 Cohort)
·      I have been in Finance Committee since Spring 2016
·      I will not be writing a thesis



Well frankly I applied for Finance Committee on a whim back in sophomore year, and pretty soon discovered that I felt quite a bit of enthusiasm for the job. Since then I have sought ways to get more involved and consistently strive to serve the Committee as best I can. Some of you may already be aware, but for those who are not, Finance has a strange and rocky history, with many of its issues remaining unaddressed year after year. I believe I have strong enough concern and desire to finally tackle many of these issues and since I have no ties to any other organizations and no thesis to write, I can dedicate a lot of time to this task.



Among Finance's many issues, there are three I would like to emphasize most and plan to dedicate most of my energy towards:

1. Finance Committee Awareness

            I truly could not tell you the number of times people have told me they had no idea there was such a thing as Finance Committee. Prior to joining, I also had little to no idea what it was. I am absolutely dedicated towards changing this and I believe a great way to do that would be to simply increase our presence online. In the past we have made Facebook groups and I was directly involved in the creation of one of these, however they have been dismantled. As of right now, there is no organized effort towards making Finance known and accessible to everyone, so I would love to move forward with this essential task. This includes creating new and official social media pages as well as updating the current website or even creating an entirely new website to reflect everything from who is on the committee, to what it is we do, how much money is available, what the official rules are, expectations for funding applications, and much much more.


2.  Collaboration

            In an effort toward making Finance Committee more accountable to the student body, I would like to engage and collaborate consistently with all the other VSA committees, the treasurers of all organizations, and the administration. There is a perception that Finance Committee is exclusive and extremely insulated, and I would like to change this. I believe everyone on this campus is impacted by this Committee’s decisions, and thus we should be held accountable by more than just the few people who show up to the meetings. I would like to have the Committee on Inclusion and Excellence to play a greater role in what we do and help Finance become a more welcoming and helpful space for everyone.


3. Customer Service

            To me, being in Finance does not just mean being an arbiter of rules, but rather being a liaison here to help you achieve your goals and get you the money you need. If elected, I would prioritize the needs of students and offer my support in every way I can. I want to actually form connections with our treasurers. I love seeing you guys put on cool new events and create philanthropic projects and I want to be here to help you along the way, not hinder you. From what I’ve heard about the restructuring of Finance, there will be an emphasis on members being liaisons to specific organizations, and this is something I would love to help implement. I want to see Finance serve its customers (you guys) to the best of its ability, and I would like to lead in this effort.


Overall, I am very excited by the prospect of working with the VSA to improve Finance Committee, as well as working with Accounting and the administration in order to make the entire process smooth and efficient (no more doing budgets by hand!) and I am prepared to dedicate myself fully to these goals in addition to what is required of me by the job.


Thank you for taking the time to read my statement!


Tl;dr: Vote for me and all of your wildest dreams will come true.

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Robyn Lin

Hello! My name’s Robyn (she/her/hers) and I am a rising senior majoring in international studies. Having served as the Asian Students’ Alliance’s treasurer for the past two years and managed a budget of $11,000, I am well aware of the logistics of finance. 

I want to be the chair of finance to help all treasurers effectively manage their money. Organizations but especially treasurers have a responsibility to use VSA funds to benefit their constituents but also the greater Vassar population. As chair, I will do my best to help all orgs create the best programming possible. 

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Seth Molwitz

I’m Seth Molwitz, and for those of you who don’t know me I’m a rising senior and a declared Political Science major, with my declaration for a double in Economics somewhere in limbo, and a minor in Hispanic Studies.  Please feel free to add me on Facebook or email me at if you have any questions, or just want to see what I’m up to.  I’m running for Chair of Finance because I want to ensure that all campus organizations can have quick and easy access to their allocated funds, to ensure equitable distribution of funding across organizations, and because I think my experience makes me well suited to do a good job in the role.

First, a bit of background about me.  I have been abroad this whole year on two different JYA programs, the first in Madrid with the Vassar-Wesleyan in Madrid program, and am currently studying at St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford.  My freshman year I was on Finance Committee, and participated in the planning process for the overhaul of finance committee, which is now superseded by the recent VSA restructuring.  I participated in the annual budgeting process, participating in almost all the budgeting sessions, of which there were many.  I have also worked on the other side. The summer following my freshman year and then during my sophomore year, I worked under Steve Dahnert (the then Treasurer of Vassar, and now Acting VP of Finance and Administration) in the Accounting Services office, so I have experience and connections to work well both on the student side and the administrative side.  Given the history of relatively fraught relations with the accounting side (which can cause everything from slower reimbursements, to extra charges, to longer times to update budgets) I plan to work closely with everyone, both administrators and students, to ensure that finance runs more smoothly than it has in the past several years. I can help students interact with the Accounting Services and Accounts Payable administrators on an as needed basis, if a problem does arise.  Additionally, I’ll be working in as a finance intern in a large health insurance company this summer, so by the time this role begins, I’ll not only have experience with Vassar’s finance, but also with best practices in finance in the corporate world as well. 

I am truly dedicated to helping ensure that organizations receive fair budget allocations, but also allowing organizations to easily access and grow their budgets for worthy causes through other means such as fund apps if they didn’t find their initial allocations acceptable.  

I would like to provide my firm commitment that I am willing to put in the hours needed to make my time as chair a success.  I worked closely with the VP finance my freshman year, and have a good understanding of the workload and time commitment involved, and especially given the fact that this will be my work study job, I’m willing to make that commitment.

Even though I’ve been away from Vassar for a year, I am fully dedicated to working hard to make Vassar the best place it can be, and I feel the best place I can do that is by being Chair of Finance. 

I hope to represent you next year. 


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Committee Chairs

Chair of First Year Programs

Kevin Arce

My name is Kevin Arce. 

A majority of first-year programming has not met the desires and needs of the first-year body. 

I have participated in a large and diverse amount of programming on campus, specifically first-year oriented programs, many of which only exist because of tradition and familiarity. As the chair of first-year programming, I would like to amend the quality and diversity of programs offered to the first-year body so that it may accurately reflect both the interests and demands of the incoming class.

With the opportunity, I would like to branch out programming to better collaborate with orgs and affinity groups on campus to advertise and strengthen the Vassar community. 

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Mojan Farid

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Chair of Health and Wellness

Tanyx Madrigal

I'm Tanyx pronounced TAHN-ee-ks but most people don’t get it on the first try. I use they, them, theirs pronouns. I'm a non-binary/gender-queer vegan Latinx Pisces sun Aries moon psychology student who enjoys deconstructing westernized notions of well-being, decolonizing my mind and body, and having a love hate relationship with over-analyzing most things. I’m fluent in cat, dog, 90s-17 tv, movies, social media, memes, yoga, naps, and 5 human languages too. My true loves in life are my emotional support cat Lucero Xochitznel Madrigal, old school and some new school R&B, veganism, decolonial thought, Latinidad, queerness, disability rights, mental health, neuroscience, and non-neurotypical ways of thought. I aspire to be a social worker with a focus on community healing and child psychological development amidst adversity.

In case you're wondering about some of my qualifications, I personally believe holistically caring for one's self must be individualized and very personalized. Ultimately we're all on our own very different journeys to wellness, and I hope to give our vassar community the tools, tips, and encouragement needed to continue to better ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'm really interested and wanting to hear from more of our student body to be able to charter new paths and improvements to Vassar as a whole.

I currently work as an ALANA intern primarily trying to spread resistance, positivity, and community healing through my work, programming, and social media presence. I've held and taught my own Self-Care/Self -Love workshop for the East Coast Chicanx Conference at Vassar, for the Women of Color Conference at Vassar, and was invited to present my workshop for the National MEChA conference in Seattle, Washington this year. I've personally tailored my own lengthy and strenuous work with DBT, CBT, OT, Metcalf, Baldwin, off-campus providers, the AEO, and many more offices to better take care of myself and empower others to do the same. I've had my own difficult and continuous fight for my own wellness, which has pushed me to learn how to advocate for myself and those around me. Therefore, a vote for me is really a vote for a passionate, stubborn, and compassionate warrior to help fight for your right to thrive on Vassar campus. I've got your back and will fight for your needs.

If you care to know more about me, I'm obnoxiously active on FB, snapchat, wordpress, and I co-star in Chismosx, a podcast with two other Latinx queer femmes that centers and celebrates the experiences of Latinx and people of color at large. Feel free to email me too at Please do approach me and ask me something or spark a conversation with me or come play with Lucero my cat.

Your friendly neighborhood ace,

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Shelby Thomas

I am ready to meet the challenges that come with being the Chair of Health and Wellness. As a pre-med Women's Studies major, my ideologies about health and wellness strive to be holistic, accessible, and equitable. I have reached out to numerous services for the mind and body during my time at Vassar, and I feel that real and substantial changes need to be made for the betterment of our community. I have experience effecting change as an intern at Vassar's Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention Office, as well as practical experience in healthcare as a volunteer at Vassar Brother's Community Hospital. I hope to synthesize these experiences and listen to the experiences of others to make Vassar a healthy community for all students. 

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Chair of Planning

Jacob "Jake" Miller

Tl;dr, I’m the candidate with the experience to do this job

Hey, Vassar! My name is Jake, I use he/him/his, and I’m running to be chair of planning for the 2017-2018 academic year. Before I get into my specific plan, which I have (see below), I want to give a list of why I am the most qualified candidate for this role:

  1. I am the only candidate who has sat on the VSA Board of Strategic Planning Before.
    1. I am currently the VSA 2020 Senator for Strategic Planning, which means I am the only candidate who knows how the board of strategic planning has run in the past and therefore am the only one who knows what should be changed in the future.
  2. I am the only candidate who has been to a Planning Committee meeting.
    1. One of my jobs as Senator for Strategic Planning was to sit in on Planning Committee meetings and participate. This is an open committee yet I am the only candidate who has ever been to planning.
  3. I am the only candidate who has experience on a joint committee with administration.
    1. The Chair of Planning sits on the College Master Planning Committee. I am the only candidate to sit on a committee like this: Orientation Committee, in which I give a student perspective on what must change in orientation.
    2. Some changes I made to Orientation include: making activities more open/accessible to students with marginalized and intersecting identities such as poc, trans/non-binary folk, disabled students, religious students of different faiths; having set meal times so students know when they can eat and that they can eat; adding schedule breaks so students aren’t running around all day without getting a chance to relax; and finally, giving students more time to learn about registration and think about what classes they want before registering.

So, what’s my plan as chair of planning? Here’s the plan:

  1. Create a Calendar of when and where all VSA committee meetings occur for the student body and VSA to know.
  2. Meet with VSA Executive Board at the beginning of each semester to get long-term and short-term goals for what they want to accomplish.
    1. As VSA Planning Chair, I would work with my planning committee to come up with a set timeline and plan for how these other committees can achieve their goals
  3. RESTRUCTURE FINANCE COMMITTEE: This is a project that the planning committee has been working on since January this year.
    1. I am the only candidate who has worked on this project, which is set to continue next year.

If you want anymore information about my plan, experience, or if you have any ideas that you want me to add to my platform (after all, this is 100% about what the student body wants, not me), please feel free to message me on Facebook (Jake Miller), email me at, or stop me if you see me walking and say hi!

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Maimuna Touray

Candidate's statement to come. I am currently communicating with students to ensure that your voices are heard before finalizing my platform. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to reach me for other reasons you can message me on FB or email me at

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Chair of Programming

Joshua Carreras

Hey All, it's 1:58 p.m., as I find myself sitting in the notorious Villard Room, just finished my express lunch, and I have 47 meal swipes left. BUT... it just dawned on me the deadline for filing is 2:30 p.m. so I figured I'd do something with my life. The only leadership position I've held is co-president of publicity for Vassar's Chapter of the Red Sand Project (current) and I'm looking to broaden my reach in this lovely world. Being a part of this group has helped me grow as a person of effective communication. I'm pretty social and it has honestly made me more capable of working well within a team, while striving to achieve a set of goals. I get it: The message is rather short, but why keep you reading when there are VC dogs to spot, trees to watch and parties to attend? Anyway, I hope these last 158 words get me elected<3

Yours truly with much love,


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Rori Chuck

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College Planning Senators

(Two Representatives)

Hope Challenger

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Olivia Rhodes

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Angela Sbano

Hello all,

I am interested in becoming a Senator for College Planning because I feel the position helps give students a more active role in several different major aspects on life here at Vassar. If elected, I would do my best to work for all students at Vassar within the channels that I would be responsible for. If I am able to fill the position, I would be extremely open to feedback and input from fellow students regarding decision making. I hope I can earn your vote, because I am confident I could do a good job if I am lucky enough to be elected.

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2018 Senator for Activities

Cyrus Cohen

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2018 Senator for Student Affairs

Nora Eigenbrodt

Hi! My name is Nora Eigenbrodt (she/her/hers) and I would love to serve as the 2018 Senator for Student Affairs next year! 

I'm a junior political science major with a women's studies correlate. I was abroad last semester in the Netherlands, but before that, I was lucky to serve as Vice President of Davi and as the 2018 rep for the Board of Elections and Appointments during the 2015-16 school year. As Davi VP, I got to communicate with my constituency on what they wanted from house programming, study breaks, and their overall residential experience. I also used this position to familiarize myself with the VSA by proxying and reporting back to my house team what was being debated and what changes were being made. 

I'd love to represent the class of 2018's interests, especially heading into our last year, when we will be looking for resources and accommodations specific to seniors' needs as we face post-grad life (though I'm still in denial about that whole post-grad thing...) I want to look at continuing and expanding existing initiatives like the Project Period, and making sure that changes implemented by Vassar administration that directly affect students' daily lives, such as the new meal plan and dining vendor, are adapted or responsive to students' needs and feedback. I want to make sure that the needs of marginalized students are centered in discussions on student affairs, and help bring critical discussion on accessibility and inclusion to committee and VSA meetings. Ultimately, I just want to make sure our class' voice and needs are heard in the functioning and thriving of our residential and academic community. 

If you have questions, comments, concerns for me, feel free to contact me at, through Facebook, etc. etc. I'd love to hear from you! :)

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Ryan Maher

Hi future seniors,

My name is Ryan (He/him/his or they/them/theirs) and I’d like to be your Senator for Student Affairs. I am a psychology major with a correlate in Art History who just returned from studying in Copenhagen.

During my time at Vassar, I have worked in many different aspects of the VSA in which I have been

· An active member of the Previous Student Life committee for 2 years

· Our Classes representative on the committee on college life for 2 years

· A member of our the 2018 class council Freshmen and Sophomore year

· A part of Main House team both as a sophomore rep and Spring semester House Fellow Intern

I have also worked on various projects both as part of the VSA and outside of it including

· Helping administration draft a commitment to gender neutral bathroom access in academic buildings

· Being trained as a Mentor in Violence Prevention by the SAVP

· Helped create the first SAVP student survey as part of the Title IX mandate

· A member of the team that created Project Period

· Advocated that the administration hire more counselors for Metcalf

· Organized conversations and events as part of the QCVC E-Board

· Created Programing for my class and house in respective bodies

Through my time working in these different capacities, I have seen many initiatives be successful, but I have also seen many people disheartened by the bureaucracy and politics of the VSA. I want to make sure that real issues that affect students remain at the forefront of senate discussions.

As someone that wants to work in clinical psychology, mental health is an issue I want to dedicate much of my time to. Since our freshman year, there have been real improvements to resources that are available to us, but I think we can go farther. I also want to work with the Health and Wellness Committee to develop initiatives that make will improve everyday life on campus and make Vassar a healthy place to live and learn.

My previous work with SAVP and initiatives outside of it have shown me that like most campuses, sexual assault is an issue that remains as a major issue on campus. Furthermore, sexual assault within and against queer communities remains an issue few want to address or rectify. It is long overdue that we expand this dialogue to include queer survivors.

This is becoming longer than I wanted it, but I am passionate about fighting for racial, gender, and socio-economic justice in many forms and would love to have a conversation with anyone interested. Please contact me at if you think of any questions or want to meet up to chat.

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Alicia Menard-Livingston

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2018 Senator for Strategic Planning

Jacob Sowder

Hey y'all,

I hope to ensure the VSA's commitment to intersectional feminism, anti-racism, LGBTQ-empowerment, environmentalism, and social/economic progressivism are reflected in the long-term strategic planning of the college. 

Namely, I will work to protect and strengthen the college's commitment to need-blind admissions, equitable financial aid, and progressive admissions policies. 

I will also actively evaluate the long-term budgetary trends of the college - for example, is academic funding suffering due to increased administrative growth? Are vital student institutions such as the ALANA/LGBTQ/Women's centers and Metcalf being consistently underfunded in favor of less-pertinent priorities?

Ultimately: where is the money going and is it contributing to an equitable & sustainable future for our soon-to-be alma mater? 

Email me at with questions/suggestions and I hope for your support.


P.S. below are some additional policy positions

- divestment from the oil & gas industry in favor of investment in renewable energy resources

- reconsideration of long-term administrative powers, policies, and positions - are administrators properly incentivized to center the needs of vulnerable students? Which points of administration need deeper investment? Which points are overpaid and/or unnecessary? 

- unwavering support for undocumented students & families

- streamlining & refining alumnae affairs 

- standing with staff & faculty unions/labor organizations 

- shifting investment away from administrative growth back into academic growth

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2019 Senator for Activities

(Elected By Semester)

Paul Kennedy (Spring Semester)

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Kevin (Do Hyeon) Park (Spring Semester)

Hi everyone,

My name is Kevin Park, and I am a Biology and prospective Education double major from Georgia.
I am currently involved in mostly two orgs on campus: VxF (Vassar Christian Fellowship) and EMS. I am on the executive board for both orgs and truly enjoy working with the people on both orgs.

As I got involved in these two orgs, I realized that there are many more beautiful orgs on campus that doesn't get heard often within the VSA and wanted to change that.

If elected, I would like to sit on Organization committee and Programming committee within Board of Activities and hope to manage and improve our organizations and programming in a way that our class hopes to see.

Thank you so much for your time!! My email is Feel free to ask any questions :)

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Derek Sonntag (Fall Semester)

tl;dr   Vote for me, I know my shit. Like, I really know my shit. De-rek is not a wreck! (I really tried, and that was the best punchline I could think of...)

Hey all!

If you are reading this, I would first like to thank you very much for taking the time to consider me and others for the next school year’s VSA positions. The fact that you are speaks to how much you care about the student government’s future. As someone who has tried to make student life better and improve involvement with the student(s?), this means a lot to me.

I'll keep this concise, though. Below is a little bit about me, what I have done so far in the VSA, and what I hope to do as Senator for Activities.



  • Yeah, so I'm an economics and computer science double-major. In case you're curious, I'm studying abroad at Oxford in the spring, so I'll only be around for the fall.
  • I like fundraising efforts. I was a volunteer for Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, a community group in Poughkeepsie. NLMH had a winter drive this year to raise money to help low-income families in the area be able to afford power for utilities during the winter, as the local monopolies would likely shut off their power if they couldn't pay.
  • I like bad puns and I have a loud fucking sneeze.



  • I was the Chair of Planning this past school year. As stated in the Governing Documents, I chaired the Planning Committee, and we've coordinated with many other committees in the VSA to get some serious shit done. This is the shit I got done:
  • The first semester, I worked with the Chair of Health and Wellness to set up Project.Period. I wrote the Project.Period survey with Natalie Kopke (you might have taken the survey, and if you did, thank you so much because it was so helpful :D) then made an analysis of the survey results and proposed a financial plan for Project.Period. Once the products are purchased, it will be up and running! Free menstrual products for everyone!!!
  • This second semester, Planning and Finance sat down together to restructure the Finance Committee. Finance is an undeniably flawed system, and for the past three or four months, our two committees -- along with other members of the Exec Board -- have been discussing ways to make Finance more equitable, more accessible, and more transparent. We will continue to work on financial restructuring until the end of the year and, if necessary, into the next school year so that we can make the system better for everyone.
  • Besides what I'm tasked to do as Chair of Planning, I sat on Operations Committee and Finance Committee all semester. I have also worked with Organizations Committee a few times throughout the year.



  • I hope to continue working on Financial Restructuring throughout next year, if necessary. That way we can continue doing the work we have already been doing.
  • Honestly, I love working with Finance Committee and helping people get the funding they need. It's my favorite part of working with the VSA. With my experience with Finance, I know where our outreach is lacking and I know how we can improve the committee and help be more accessible to you, the students. I love the things you do for Vassar's campus and I want to be able to help you all get what you need to do what you love.


And that's all I have to say! You can always message me on Facebook or email me at (I doubt you will, but humor me; I'm asking for it at this point). Thank you for your support!

Peace out,


Derek Sonntag

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Kiki Walker (Fall Semester)

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ZIyi 'Yina' Wang (Spring Semester)

Helllooo, Class of 2019!

It's me, Yina. I am a Computer Science major, but it's casual. I'm here again on this page running for 2019 Senator for Activities during the spring semester! 

Currently, I am sitting on BoRA and Raymond House team this year as Raymond House President. I have been plugged into student government in the past as I was the Class President for two years in high school and I was Raymond First Year Rep my first year here at Vassar.

I believe that my determined and unique personality, along with my past experiences, will be a positive contribution to the VSA Senate. I hope to sit the Finance and Programming Committee in order to have a more cohesive and productive understanding of getting funds for organizations. 

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to contact me ( or find me in person!

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2019 Senator for Student Affairs

(Elected By Semester)

Maxwell Canty-Hilchey (Full Year)

Hi everyone!

My name is Max (he/him/his) and I’m from Piedmont, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. I live in Noyes in Anne Hathaway’s old room (!!) Unfortunately, Anne had to leave Vassar after  her sophomore year to film for the Princess Diaries. People often compare me to Anne, and though it is my full intention to be cast as Mia Thermopolis, princess of Genovia, in a remake of the Princess Diaries, I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket. Now… more than ever… I need your help in landing the role of 2019 Senator for Student Affairs.

As senator, I would strive to ensure that Vassar continues to progress as an inclusive environment that promotes the well-being and safety of all students. I feel very connected to the class of 2019, and want to do something positive for our class/school. I intend to listen fully to every voice in our grade and do my best to be a representative of those voices. Being senator for student affairs means responsibility for all aspects of student life. I want to be your voice for the various concerns you may have as a Vassar student or just as a person in general.  

As far as my resume goes, I have been a representative on Vassar’s judicial board and a Student Fellow in Noye’s House. In high school, I was captain of my mock trial team and editor-in-chief of the yearbook. This past Summer, I worked for the Attorney General of California and dealt with the stress of a high-pressure environment. The experience helped me develop strong communication and organization skills- tools that are essential for any VSA position. I am also mostly proficient in Microsoft office but still have some trouble with Excel :/

If you have any questions I warmly invite you to email me ( facebook message me (Max Canty-Hilchey) or Instagram dm me (@max.canty).


And remember....

A vote for Max is a vote for Max

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D'Angelo Mori (Full Year)


My name is D’Angelo Mori, my pronouns are he, him, his.

I am a first semester Sophomore pursuing a double major in Biology and Political Science. I am a member and a Sophomore Advisor of the Transitions program. I currently work two jobs as a mentor for first through third graders at the Family Center in Poughkeepsie under the R.E.A.L Skills program and I am an Intern for the Spiritual Life office. My interests are weight lifting, hip hop dancing, plants, and law.

As a low income, first generation, gay, Latino, being the 2019 Senator for Student affairs means more than a title I can add on my resume. It’s a position to which I can make certain marginalized groups and underrepresented communities are properly represented in order to diminish the conscious and unconscious biases, stereotypes, and discrimination against race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, ability, mental illness, and dozens more of social justice issues within Vassar’s College’s community.

Of course, my duty/mission cannot be done single handedly, we all have a responsibility to strive for the equal and equitable treatment of others. As the roles of my position are to address issues of student life in an intersectional manner across committees and create guiding principles at the beginning of the academic year, I want to work within the board of Student Affairs in order to ensure the progression of our community by continuing intersectional dialogue surrounding current and future issues Vassar administration drop the ball with.

As a Sophomore Advisor for Vassar’s Transitions program, I was allowed to improve my skills in group programming, active listening, and critical thinking. In addition, I have had many opportunities to be involved with campus life such as being a member of CARES, VSA Student council member, and being the Class of 2019 Representative for Admission and Financial Aid. These particularly meaningful experiences have greatly enhanced my leadership, communication skills, and public speaking. My dedication, strategical thinking, and emphasis on quality work ethic will make me a valuable asset to the Board of Student Affairs.

Feel free to message me on Facebook message me or email me via with any comments, questions, and/or concerns you may have.

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2019 Senator for Strategic Planning

(Elected By Semester)

Marvin "Robin" Corleto (Fall Semester)

Hey y'all, my name is Marvin "Robin" Corleto (he/him/his), a Bio and French major and I'm running to be the Senator for Strategic Planning for Fall Semester.

Currently, I'm a Student Fellow in Noyes, a Wellness Peer Eductator through the Office of Health Education, and the Secretary for ACCESS/Disability Rights Coalition. Through all these positions, I have gained the skills to plan efficiently and keep everything in check (because I get them checks). I aspire to work to hold VSA accountable and get shit done, and making sure that VSA is going as smoothly as possible and as planned. I also want to add my voice as a person of color to a historically white space, and I help empower my fellow people of color to aim to enter positions like these where we can be the changes we wish to see.
If you have any questions, or just want to say hi to me, feel free to message me on facebook (Marvin Corleto), or shoot me an email at Hell, feel free to even visit me in my room Noyes 431, I have a pet snake named Lucifer and he's pretty chill.

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Max Jahns (Spring Semester)

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Janine Smith (Spring Semester)

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2020 Senator for Activities

Tabraiz Lodhi

Hey 2020!

My name's Tabraiz Lodhi (he/him/his) and I'm running to be your Senator for Activities. I've been involved with quite a few organizations at Vassar so far, such as VC Debate and Merely Players, and hope to use my experience with campus activities and orgs to represent all of you on important VSA committees. If elected, I'll be involved with committees that make decisions regarding all-campus programmes, student org financing, and Traditions.

As the 2020 Senator for Activities, my main commitment to you all will be to represent your views as best as I can. I think it's essential that everyone in the class of 2020 has a say in the VSA, and my hope in becoming a Senator is to ensure that this happens.

Feel free to reach out to me at!

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May Venkat

Hi Class of 2020! 


My name is May Venkat (she/her/hers) and I am hoping to be your Senator for Activities. I am a strong-willed, caring, and passionate extrovert who wants your vote! I was executive president at my high school and want to continue refining my leadership skills at Vassar. I truly value organization and my planner is with me at all times. 

As a senator, I have the privilege of representing you and working with the VSA. In particular, working as the Senator for Activities I will sit on committees such as Programming, Organization, and Finance. I want your thoughts and opinions to be heard (loudly and in my very Midwestern voice)! 

Please reach out anytime on Facebook or email me ( to get to know me better or just say hi! :) 



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2020 Senator for Student Affairs

Brandon Impastato

Greetings Vassar Class of 2020!

My name is Brandon Impastato and I hail from Long Island, NY. I plan on majoring in biochemistry and minoring in political science. As your Senator on Student Affairs I intend to be active on the committee for Health and Wellness and the committee for First Year Programs. The committee for Health and Wellness means so much to me considering that I am pre-med and an active member of VCEMS. In addition to this, first year programs such as Transitions have made my transition to college as a low income student much smoother than I anticipated. Ultimately, I would be honored to serve as your Senator on Student Affairs. The organizations that the fall under the umbrella of student affairs have significantly impacted my life and I would love to give back.

Thank you for reading my statement and I hope I can have your vote! Feel free to contact me by email at


Brandon Impastato

VC Class of 2020

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Theodore "Theo" Lewis Lawrence

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2020 Senator for Strategic Planning

Micah Fedenko

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Andrew Solender

My name is Drew Solender (He, him his) and I want to be your voice in the VSA. Earlier this year, I ran to be your senator. My campaign for Senate energized me, and I enjoyed every second spent knocking on doors, jotting down people’s concerns and ideas and learning more about the diverse community that is Vassar class of 2020. The outcome encouraged me to do more, get involved and try my very hardest to be the right person for the job the next time around. That is exactly what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been awfully busy since September. I’ve joined the Vassar Debate Society and the Vassar Democrats, and I also served as the Director of Outreach for the First Year Programming Committee; you may have seen the facebook page. I made that! In addition, I am now a full time columnist for the Miscellany News where I write on politics and current events. I dedicate a lot of my time learning how to better conduct discourse, disseminate information and work for a better world and that is one unique thing I would bring to the table as your Senator for Strategic Affairs.

My goal as a Senator would be to be your voice in the VSA (Hence the slogan). Like I did last year, I will come door to door to fill my already well filled list of constituent concerns and ideas. I do this less to try to win votes and more to get my finger on the pulse of the average student. By speaking to the class of 2020 directly, I can better understand how to work for them in the VSA if elected. I believe it is the fundamental job of politicians and leaders to represent the people who elected them, and that is exactly what I will do.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on facebook or at

Thank you, and vote Drew Solender for Senator of Strategic Planning: Your voice in the VSA!

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Senior Class

2018 President

Ashley Hoyle

To the class of 2018,
It has long been my dream to be your class president. I have worked for all three of my years here to prove that I can do the job well and right and I hope to be given the opportunity. To prove how much I want it, I offer you my candidate statement from 2014, I will do all these things again, and more.

My name is Ashley Hoyle (A-Hoyle. Ahoy. Ha.)

I’d really love to be 2018 Class President. 

I will not try to seduce you with promises of getting lobster in the deece or outlawing 9 AM classes, but I will work my absolute hardest to be an advocate for the class of 2018 and listen to the needs of my classmates. 

Here are some concrete ways I will do that, nautically themed of course.

Message in a Bottle

Starting tonight, there will be a glass bottle and adorably undersized legal pad hanging on my door (Noyes 222)

? (*Now you might leave me a note in my mail box! 1854*)?

. Feel free to stop by and drop me a note anytime, about any problem you want addressed, and I will do everything in my power to reach out and get that problem solved! Lost your V-Card? I will search high and low for it. Haven’t seen a womp-womp yet? I will catch one for you. Want something tabled at the next VSA meeting? Done.

 Captain’s Quarters

During my campaign (and hopefully my presidency) drop me an email anytime at if there is an issue that you think I can help resolve through committee work on the VSA. We’ll work out a time when you can come hang out in my room with my oversized stuffed squid Tarrence and tell me exactly what it is I can do for you.

Hittin’ the Deck

Daily during my campaign (and twice weekly during my potential presidency) I will stand for two hours out on the porch of the retreat (accompanied by Tarrence) and some nautically themed music to meet and greet all my classmates I haven’t yet gotten the chance to know. Please stop by to chat and get to know me a little better!

Keep an “Aye” Out

 ?Find me on Facebook to keep up with some pun-ridden hopefully hARRRlarious videos and promotions during campaign week!

On a serious note, I was a serious leader at my high school back home in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. I was the president of Students Against Destructive Decisions, chair of Relay for Life, a Drum Major for our 450 member marching band, our school mascot, and more. I have acquired the skills necessary to be an outstanding, organized, patient, and passionate representative for our class and sincerely hope you will give me that chance.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


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Shigeru Kaneki

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Antony Manokhin

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2018 Vice President

Hallie Ayres


I was the Vice President of our class during our sophomore year, and I served on VSA council as Noyes' president for a lil bit, so I guess I have some idea of what's up with these VSA normies

anyway talk to me if u have questions. thanks

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2018 Secretary

Mark Lawson

Hey y'all!

My name is Mark Lawson, and I'd love to be your 2018 Secretary! A little poem:

I carry around a pocket dictionary.

Merriam is my lil' vice secretary.

I'm scary,

and hairy.


Vote Mark Lawson


Past experience includes 3 invigorating years on Main House Team, serving as the Freshman Rep, President, and Junior Super Duper Extra Student Fellow+. I am the current Vice President of the sketch comedy group, No Offense.

So if you want a pun-making, note-taking, and heart-breaking sec-sec, me.

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2018 Treasurer

Kyle Gray

I've been on finance committee for three years.    

I do work.

Please consider me for this position.

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Cushing House

Cushing President

Ifeacho Awachie

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Cushing Programming Director

Kathryn Burke

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Cushing Treasurer

Jaein Kim

Do you want Cushing to stay on budget? Do you want our honest taxpayer's $$$ to go to noble causes? Yeah? I gotchu. Here are some examples of my responsible-ness as a young adult:

I eat multivitamins like three times a week. A++ dedication.

Only buy clothes when they're 75% on clearance with an additional 20% off.

I don't eat breakfast at the deece to save meal swipes.

All jokes aside, I promise on my honor as a short, nerdy, Asian girl, that I am plenty capable of being a great treasurer. Vote for me, or it's dishonor on you, your family, and your cow. 


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Anna Lockhart

Hey everyone! I’m Anna (she/her/hers), a proud member of 1 East, and I would love to be your treasurer next year!

I love living in Cushing, and it is the House Team that has created the warm, friendly, and homey environment I now call my home. I want to give back to the home that means so much to me so that you all and the incoming Freshman will have as an amazing experience in Cushing next year as I had this year. 

As a House Team Member, it will be my aim to represent all cushlings- I want to hear all your ideas and suggestions on things you want and/ or things you think can be improved. Cushing’s money is in safe hands with me, as I am very organized, detail oriented, and excellent at managing money.

Stop by my room (104), email me (, or message me on facebook if you have any questions/suggestions, or if you just want to talk!

 <3 Anna

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Halle Smith

Hello, hello!

As you can see my name is Halle (she/her/hers), and I love long romantic walks on the beach...

I'm not all that fond of beaches, but I love nothing more than having a home to return to at the end of the day; since I've come to Vassar, I've been very passionate about puzzling out a way to encourage community and positivity on campus. 

For me, Cushing has been both of those things this past year, and I want to work encourage it further through open communication.

So - "cash me ousside" in room 260. Howbow dah? Or you can contact me at; I'd love to hear from you. Have a good day! 

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David Stevenson

Give me a small loan of a million dollars and I'll give you back a billion...

no but for real, you need someone about business to be your treasurer and I'm all about that business and stacking paper.

They say mo' money mo' problems but for me I see it as more money, MORE LIFE. 

It's the money that can make a difference not the money that makes you different. If I was put in control of Cushing finances, I would be no different as I'm a saver who maximizes every cent, dime nickel, penny , or whatever you wanna call it.... my dude.. I made it to Atlanta and back over spring break for less than $50!

Once you dig deeper you will find that I have experience in various sections of Econ and math which I find will hold useful as treasurer. 

Vote for me so I know it's real...

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Cushing Secretary

Hiep Dinh

I'm like the meaning of life. Most of the time you won't think of me. But when you do, either I won't be there, or I'll just bore you to death.

PS: I think I filed on the spur of the moment just to tell this very pathetic joke, so vote for me or not, it doesn't matter lol.

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Ashley Kim

Hey lovely Cushlings!! :) 

My name is Ashley Kim and I'm a meme connoisseur and professional Netflix marathoner. I'm a small girl from a small town called Suffern, NY, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I’m running for Cushing Secretary. I’m a prospective Psychology or International Relations major with a Communications correlate and am on the Varsity Fencing team, UJIMA, and KoDC (Korean Dance Crew). 

Cushing has always been a safe haven for me and everyone is always so friendly and welcoming here. I’d love to be a part of House Team next year and do my job with love, passion, and enthusiasm. I want to help maintain a safe space for all individuals and for all voices to be heard. As your secretary, I will keep these awesome Cushing events and House meetings running smoothly and efficiently, and communication between House Team and you lovely people will always be my priority. I am very organized and diligent and will work very hard for you. 

If you want to talk or have any questions, just drop by Room 103 or contact me via my email (

Thank you;

it would be such a privilege to serve you guys as your 2017-2018 Cushing secretary. 

Vote Ashley Kim for Secretary!

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Hien Nguyen

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Katie Spear

Hello Cushing!!

I'm Katie and I've had a great experience finding my place in the Cushing community this year (catch me in the mpr every night). I want to be on house team to help everyone feel at home in Cushing like I do!

I will make sure to be a committed member of house team and do whatever I can to listen to your ideas and reflect them in house activities. Feel free to reach me at or come hang in room 245 if you have questions or suggestions. See you next year!

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Davison House

Davison President

Jaewon Kang

What’s good Davi!

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Jaewon Kang (he/him/his), and I would be honored to be your House President for 2017-18. Just a little background info about me, I’m (most likely) a Chemistry major with either a Biology or Greek and Roman Studies correlate from the Super Bowl droughted city of Buffalo, NY, but I currently live in good ole’ Murray, Kentucky.

As fellow inhabitants of the dorm with the nicest basement (though Raymond is a close second), I would love and be honored to serve as your house president! I have strong background in leadership, for I served as your Freshman House Representative this year (nope, still no updates), Student Council President my senior year of high school, and class officer during my sophomore and senior years. Additionally, I have held other positions of office in various other clubs and organizations, including being a founding member of the Vassar Red Sand Project (a organization that raises awareness for human trafficking through art).

As President of Davi, my goal is to let everybody’s voice truly be heard-- and I mean everyone. I feel as if I’ve had a solid amalgamation of diverse experiences that would help me relate to many people of the house with various backgrounds and personalities. I’ve lived my life through the eyes of a minority in both culturally diverse and homogenous areas. I’ve lived in regions that despise guns to a region that contains more guns than people, and from a state where everything is bigger to a state where the tea is sweet and the accents are sweeter. Also, I consider myself an introvert who is trying to be more extrovert. Because of this, I know the difficulty and anxiety when trying to get your voice heard in front of large groups of people. But I am here to assure you that I am here for you! Though every person’s experiences are different, I’ve been in similar shoes, and will help your thoughts be heard!

Lastly, I hope to continue the Davi tradition of being the House Team that our campus needs as oppose to the team that we want. Though big dance events and Villard Room parties are fun, events like the Hope Quilt and the Dorm Dinner that Davi hosted this year are events that I will strongly push for. Events like these not only bring our house together but the entire campus as well, and that’s what I believe a House Team should do.

Well, I feel like I have rambled on enough. If you ever want to talk, stop by room 300E or shoot me an email at

I hope I can earn your vote on election day!

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Davison Programming Director

Kevin Fernandez

What is happening Davi people?!

My name is Kevin Fernandez (he/him/his). Since the first day of orientation, I have been a passionate advocate for Davison. When other students yelled out “Joss is boss” or “Main is bae,” I could have replied with “Davi all the way” but I had a better idea. I crafted many memories on my floor by directing music videos.

Since our arrival at Davison, we all formed close bonds with one another. I formed a family not only in Davison, but also in Vassar’s friendly community. Looking back at my own experiences and the lessons I learned, I can say that life would be completely different if I never lived in room 315. Because of the incredible experiences I've had at Davison, I want to ensure everyone loves and enjoys Davison as much as I have.

If elected, I will innovate our study breaks and generate new events for all class years. I will fight for transparency and equality for our student body. One of my ideas is to create multiple open mic nights with a theme, which gives students an opportunity to be heard. Thus acknowledging that Vassar is a safe community for all. Finally, I will reform the study breaks in order to make them more open and fun for all students.

My statement cannot reveal all of the passion and excitement I have to work on behalf of the Davison family. I care about your interests and your voice. I am concern about making sure everyone feels welcome at Vassar and is surrounded by people who truly care about him/her/them. Come share your ideas, and I will do my best to make them happen. I acknowledge that it will be a bumpy start, but I will never stop improving my ideas and projects. Overall, my goal as programming director is to act as a liaison for all students in Davison, while incorporating original and unique ideas.

I am pretty excited to right now. Anyways, if you want to chill or talk, come to my room at 315 or reach me by email, JFernandez@Vassar.Edu. Also, take care and good luck with the rest of the semester. I hope you consider me as your programming director.


Kevin Fernandez

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Olivia Guarnieri

Hi Davi!

 My name is Olivia (she/her/hers). I live on the third floor (with the unbelievably charming and intelligent Bobo) in a wonderful room right across from the study. I’m thinking of double-majoring in English and art as I would love to write and illustrate children’s books as well as pursue a few other leapingly creative undertakings in the future. 

 Ideas for my little books and other drawings come from my detailed observations of life and often from some of you! I have much anticipation in having more and more interactions with you Davi people- knowing all of you and your mindsets/interests is what would create success for someone in this position, not to mention that these bits of information would simply be enjoyable to find out. As a programming director, I want to create events that will have good scenes for everyone. Since these events are for all of us, I will use complete input from you guys to make them really what people actually want! I am open to anything and everything.

 Being organized and on top of scheduling is in my nature. I’m the kind of person that writes everything down and has every minute of the day planned out. I did not miss one day of high school nor have I gone one day without writing in my small, donut- patterned planner since then. Other than being precise, I would so much love to add my personality to the already bouncy and homey house team.

Many of you have inspired me (often in terms of my outfits) in ways you could not possibly imagine :). It would be so great to combine the influence you have had on me with my own thoughts in order to organize Davi festivities in the future.

I hope to only get to know everyone more and continue spreading the strawberry vibes!!

Questions about the vibes? -->, rm 321

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Margaret Matthews

Hey Davison!! This website will probably tell you that my name is Margaret (she/her/hers) but I've gotten pretty used to being called Meg. I would love to serve as Davison's programming director next year, and I think I'm the right mixture of wacky and organized to do the job justice. 

Want cookies? Movies? Conversation? Meditation? Celebration? Cookies? I would welcome suggestions while throwing out my own ideas for inclusive and exciting events to help keep us sane over the course of next year.

Feel free to find or message me with any questions!!

- your aspiring prograMEGing director

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Davison Treasurer

Maxwell 'Max' Guarnieri

Hey Davi!
My name is Max Guarnieri, I use he/him/his pronouns, and I am running for Davi Treasurer.
I am currently a member of the Class of 2020, part of Vassar’s Wind and Jazz Ensembles (I play the trombone!), and I work as a lifeguard at Vassar’s pool on campus.
As a first-year student living in Davi, I have been consistently inspired and awed by how friendly and welcoming Davi’s current House Team has been throughout the entire year. Through orientation week’s activities, Davi’s events, and the numerous study breaks that I have attended, I have never been disappointed by House Team’s ability to facilitate activities and conversations that are meaningful and inclusive. I would be honored to be a part of Davi’s House Team as Treasurer so I can reciprocate the welcoming environment that I experienced this year and create a similar one for students next year. 
After serving as Treasurer for my French Honor Society in high school, taking both AP BC Calculus and AP Statistics in high school, and taking Multivariable Calculus during my first semester at Vassar, I am confident in my ability to manage numbers and use money in a cost-effective manner, and I believe that I am qualified to be Davi Treasurer. 
Please feel free to email me (, message me on Facebook, or stop by my room (428) if you have any questions! 

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Samuel Kim

What's good Davi fam,

So I'll keep this short and simple. Y'all are looking for someone who's good with numbers and can manage our money?
That's me
No doubt
I got arithmetic skills that are out of this world. I'm also gonna be a math minor so you know what's up. I've taken multi-calc last semester, so you know I'm gonna be taking into account all the variables of what's gonna happen to our Davi budget. So give me your vote, and I'll give you the best treasurer you've ever seen.

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Sarah Newman

Dear Davison residents, 

My name is Sarah Newman and I would be honored to take on the role as Treasurer of our house. It has been such a joy this year to closely connect with members of Davison House Team and stay updated on house related projects. After seeing how much creative thought and dedication this year's house team has so graciously put into our community, I only wish to be a part of this integral family next year. I believe I would excel in the role of Treasurer as I am extremely organized, detail-oriented, and attentive. As Treasurer of Kellenberg Memorial High School's Student Body, I worked to seamlessly coordinate the backstage chaos behind every school event. I have experience in managing funds and insightfully allocating money. In combination with the Economics courses I have taken and plan to take more of, I believe I would be well suited as the Treasurer of our house. Thank you for your consideration. 

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Davison Secretary

Jillian Hornbeck


My name is Jillian Hornbeck (she/her/hers) am I am excited to be running for Davi House Secretary!

Davi has become like a second home to me, and I would absolutely love to be a part of House Team next year. A huge part of what makes Davi so great is the amazing people that make this house into the supportive, fun, and friendly place that it is.  Ever since move-in day, when I was greeted by our energetic and enthusiastic House Team (who had no complaints about helping me carry all my stuff up to my room. And I over packed. By A LOT) I knew that I wanted to be a part of that wonderful group of people next year. So, here I am!

I am a very detail-oriented, organized person and I will do my best to keep meetings and events running smoothly. I love taking notes and making lists, and I hope that I will be able to do all of this next year as Secretary! 

Please stop by my room (300C) or send me an email ( if you have any questions or just want to talk!

And, in the words of my favorite TV secretary Pam Beesly, “There’s nothing better than a beautiful day at the beach filled with sun, surf, and uh, diligent note-taking.”

Vote Jillian Hornbeck as Davi House Secretary!!


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Natalia Santos

Hi everyone!

My name is Natalia Santos (she/her/hers) and I’m running for Davison Secretary.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m in the class of 2020 and am a prospective biology major (strongly considering medical school). I was born in Colombia, but I’ve lived majority of my life in Queens, home of diversity. If you’ve been to Matthew’s Bean, you can also catch me making some delicious (I hope they are?) lattes.

Honestly, when I first heard I was going to be in Davi during summer, I wasn’t sure how to feel (I hadn’t heard of it) and I was nervous I wouldn’t fit in. However, now I’m so proud to be a part of Davi and I’ve made some of my closest friends. It really is a family dorm. Our house team this year was amazing and super friendly. Study breaks were fun and Just Dance was probably the day we realized the talent everyone has in dancing. Salihah was slaying tbh.

Because Davi made me find my place and I’m thankful for the work done by house team this past year, I want to be a part of it next year. I think being a part of house team would allow me to show the class of 2021 why they should love being a part of Davi. I’ll also try to spread the word on study breaks and you can always make suggestions that I’ll address in meetings. Even though Davi is the best dorm on campus (not biased at all), we do have problems, so I’ll make sure that your voice is heard and if you ever need someone to talk with regarding a particular circumstance, I will help facilitate that communication. You can always knock on my door or pass by the study. I’ve been told I don’t sleep so don’t worry. My main goals as secretary would be to make everyone comfortable in having their voice heard, keep an organized collection of notes on meetings, and have information readily available to anyone who needs it.

If you have any questions, just contact me at, message me on Facebook, or just stop by my room (317).

Thank you for reading this long statement. Vote Natalia Santos as Davison Secretary!

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Erik Silver

Hey Davi!

I’m Erik (he/him/his) from Davi 400B, and I’m running for secretary! A little bit about me: I’m from the small town of Averill Park NY (1.5 hours North of Vassar), and a prospective history or political science major. When I’m not working, I enjoy playing frisbee, reading the news (although not as much as I used to pre-election) and watching re-runs of Friends/Seinfeld/Game of Thrones.

The friendly, inclusive, and vivacious atmosphere that Davi has is something that I truly appreciate, and if I am elected secretary, will actively try to maintain. As secretary, I would use the student governmental experience I have attained in high-school, with the organizational and logistical skills I learned from working at/interning at a public library and at my county historical society to help run a smooth, well-functioning, and overall amazing house. I hope that you can help me achieve this goal by honoring me with your vote.

Please feel free to email me at, Facebook message me, or swing by room 400B with any questions you have, or if you just want to chat. Thank-you!

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Jewett House

Jewett President

Kati Kim

Hi everyone!
For those of you who may not know me, hi! My name is Kati Kim (she/her/hers) and I’m excited to be running for your House President!! I’m from Suffern, NY with an interest in international relations and human and civil rights. If I’m not doing work, I’m usually binge-watching Netflix series/YouTube videos :).
I love Jewett House and its residents! All the smiles remind me that Jewett is a second home and family.
I served on the House Team as Jewett Freshmen Rep this past school year (2016-2017) and it was a lot of fun!! I really enjoyed meeting new people and taking part in organizing the dorm events. My transition into college would have been a lot more difficult if I hadn’t met such wonderful people so early in the school year. When I arrived at Vassar, I was greeted by our friendly and warm House Team. At that moment, I knew that I would like my stay here. I also knew that I wanted to take part in that welcoming process and overall experience for others.  As House President, my goal, therefore, is to improve the general state and condition of the House and ensure the comfort and respect of all residents.  
As House President and as I have done as Freshman representative, I will serve Jewett with humility and integrity. I will listen to your ideas and organize more awesome events with House Team: Dormal Formal, Seven Deadly, study breaks (with food, of course!), House dinners, etc. I will work with the House Team to guarantee a cleaner laundry space and kitchen because, let’s be honest, that should be one of our biggest concerns. I will also make it a priority to send out weekly emails, be ready and available to speak to anyone with ideas and/or concerns, and to address House issues. My door is always open for those who want to chat about anything. I want to create a better living experience for all residents. 
It would be an absolute honor to serve you as your 2017-2018 Jewett House President
Feel free to contact me at
Thank you and please vote Kati Kim for Jewett House President!!

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Jewett Programming Director

Marc Chien

Since the moment I've arrived at Vassar, Jewett has been a second home to me. Having lived all across the world before, from Milan to Frankfurt to Shanghai, I never had a place that I could really associate with up until now. Jewett, and the people I've met here, have given me a community that I want to serve and dedicate myself to.

Commitment, integrity, and determination are all important in fulfilling any task, and I believe that I can bring all three to the table. Since I arrived at Vassar, I’ve always been looking for opportunities through which I could help the college. Beyond participating in extracurriculars such as Amnesty International and ASA, I want to involve myself in actively promoting the well-being of the House that I've grown attached to.

By becoming a Programming Director, I’ll be able to work together with a capable group of individuals to support our community and help each individual. If you give me the chance to become a Programming Director, I will make sure to listen to every one of you, and to use your ideas to build a better year for all of us. It would a privilege to serve you as your 2017-2018 Jewett Programming Director, and to strive to make your ideas reality.

If you have any questions, please contact me at!


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Nanak Nihal Khalsa

Would you like a pool in the middle of the quad?

Would you like live elephants in the quad for Founders Day's wildlife theme?

Or chickens

If you answered yes to any of these, you should vote for me.


These are not going to happen. I will not actually do these. But they show what type of person I am:

A dreamer.


And that's what Jewett needs in a programming director. I don't promise to do any of the above ideas because those will not be in my power. However, as Jewett's Programming Director, one thing will be in my power:

to make Jewett events more lit

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Jewett Treasurer

Cole Derksen

Hey Everyone!!!


My name is Cole Derksen (he, him, his) and I will be running as YOUR Jewett Treasurer! I know personally some of the activities put on by our amazing house team, (bagel brunch, speed (friend) dating, etc), made Jewett feel like a home and community, so I can't imagine something more rewarding then helping foster this same environment for next years Jewett crew!

 Let me know if you have any questions or if you ever just want to introduce yourself. I'd love to get to know more of you guys in Jewett!


Your (hopefully!!) future treasurer,

Cole Derksen


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Mendel Leandro Jiménez

Hey Jewett!

If you haven't already seen my name by clicking on it, I'm Mendel L. Jiménez and I'm running to be your treasurer!


I've served as treasurer of the Questbridge Scholars this year and it has helped me to realize that the treasurer position is more than just a cool title. There's real work involved in writing fund applications to the VSA Finance committee and making sure all the fine print is followed to ensure the fiscal health of our house, especially with our decent budget and campus-wide events. I would know as I'm currently the finance intern for the VSA finance committee and have served all of our treasurers on campus.


I love Jewett House, from its stunning architecture to fascinating history and awesome inhabitants. I'm committed to ensuring that all of the funding for our planned events come smoothly and that we stay on top of our deadlines and opportunities for more funds. The position of treasurer requires responsibility and organization, and I am committed to ensure the efficiency and responsibility of the treasurer position. 


Thank you for your support and interest in your house, because that's why we're here :) 



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Jewett Secretary

Maya Allen

Hi! I’m Maya (she/her/hers), the girl who face planted during the Brewer Games, if there are any missed connections out there. I’m also really excited to be running for Jewett Secretary!! In high school, I was my class Secretary during sophomore, junior, and senior year. Freshman year I was my class Athletic Rep, which is pretty ironic if you know me now, but I used to drink Gatorade. I’m amply equipped with the skills to lead this position and contribute to Jewett house team with great efficiency and practicality. As Secretary, I will stand for issues that tend be overlooked (e.g., drain flies) and offer direct communication for any residents that have comments or concerns regarding the house or entire campus. Jewett has become my home away from home, and if I could get that expression stitched on a satin pillow I would. In fact, I will—if you so graciously choose to elect me as Jewett Secretary!! 

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Josselyn House

Joss President

Aidan Anderson

Greetings to the residents of the noble Olivia Josselyn Hall- I am jazzed to be running for House President for the 2016-2017 year!! 

My name is Aidan Anderson  (he, him, his), and I love Joss. I have been mulling the fact over for quite some time, and I just can't get over the splendid place: I love Joss. I love it and I want to be a part of it as much as I possibly can.

I am experienced with leading groups and representative work, and I want to engage in these areas. Working with House Team to build the most caring and supportive community possible is my main goal. I would strive to serve the house as best I can. I can be a friendly face for the first years if they ever need a listening ear or helping hand. Any resident of Joss will be welcome to approach me with concerns, and I will address them immediately to the best of my ability.

I love the people who make up the fabric of Joss, and I hope to work with you next year.

If you want reach out to me, please feel free to do so on Facebook or through


Aidan Anderson


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Colette Cambey

Hey, I'm Colette and I live in Joss 221. I'm a prospective ENST major, I'm on the volleyball and rowing teams, and I'm the 2020 rep on the Board of Elections and Appointments. 

I want to be House Team President because I love Joss and I want to continue the amazing legacy of this year's house team into next year. The integral value that mindfulness, respect, and compassion brings to Joss House cannot be understated, and I hope to bring those qualities to House Team as your next President. 

This year has taught me a lot of things, but most importantly, anywhere can feel like home when you are surrounded by amazing people and feel supported by those you share the space with. Vote for me, and I will do everything I can to keep making Joss feel like home. 

Thanks for reading! Best of luck to everyone running for positions!


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Victoria "Vicki" Clarke

Hey Joss House!

My name is Vicki Clarke (she/her/hers), and as you can already tell, I am running for Joss House President.

If you haven’t met me yet, hi!  I hope to see you during campaign season (bearing snacks, of course).  On campus, I am a part of VCEMS and the Vassar College Orchestra, and I also work at the Dean of Studies Office.  I’m from Hopewell Junction, New York and I’m a prospective STS major with a possible correlate in Chemistry.  When I’m not in class, I’m probably watching The Office or playing Mario Kart/Super Smash Brothers with friends (even though I am far from good at it).

The main reason why I’m running for President, other than the fact that I adore Joss, is so I can give back.  Transitioning to college life was one of the hardest endeavors I’ve had in my short life and without this year’s House Team, it most certainly would not have been as successful as it was for me.  I’m beyond thankful for everyone I’ve had the pleasure to meet in Joss and for them helping me to become a better person.  I want everyone to know that my door is and always will be open to those who need someone to talk to, someone to drink tea with, or someone to play ping-pong with (fun fact: the reason the net is up is because my mom helped set it back up during First Year move-in day).

As your House President, I will also be representing Joss on the Board of Residential Affairs.  I hope to represent Joss with our three core values: mindfulness, heart, and individuality.  I will work with them to help make our residential community even better than it already is.  I will make sure to keep all of you informed on what is going on around campus (get ready for meme/gif/compliment filled e-mails every week!) and will help organize events like Battle of the Bands and countless Study Breaks.

Like I said, I am here to represent Joss House, which includes all of YOU.  Feel free to stop by my room (Joss 209), e-mail me (, write me a letter (Box 2018), or contact me on Facebook Messenger if you want to talk about anything!

tl;dr – Vote for Vicki Clarke for Joss House President.  She’s a good one, I promise.

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Atticus Koizumi

Hey Jossians, I’m super excited to be running for your House President for the 2017-2018 year! I’m Atticus and I use he/him/his pronouns, I’m from Brooklyn, NY, I live in 407, and am a first year likely majoring in Poli Sci with a correlate or double major in Education.

In the past semester and a half I’ve worked as an intern for VSA on the Committee on Health and Wellness, the Committee on Academics, and the Senate. I’ve also done some student theater with FWA and now Phil this semester. And I am incredibly proud and grateful to be a part of the coalition of first years action group, H2A (Healing to Action); we had all the red posters up for our “Rally, Resist, and Rise” rally earlier this semester.
Coming in as a first year was an insanely different experience than I ever thought it would be. Not only was it constructive and impactful on the start of my year, but also presented Vassar in such a different light than I see it now. My main point here is that every individual has a unique perspective of and experience at Vassar and when it comes down to it House Team needs to be their for first years to get them as ready as possible to hit the ground running. That being said, although orientation and programming are integral parts of that process, a balance of love and support for incoming students as well as honest and un-sugar-coated advice are absolutely necessary as well. 
I have greatly appreciated everything our 2016-2017 House Team has done to make our first year as manageable and enjoyable as possible and I would love to continue that great work next year! If you have any questions or just want to talk my email is Feel free to hit me up on Facebook or come to 407 too!

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Joss Programming Director

Joshua "Josh" Samolchuk

Hello everyone! My name is Josh Samolchuk (he/him/his) and I would love to be your Programming Director for the 2017-2018 school year!

If we haven't met yet, here is a quick bio: I'm originally from the great state of New Jersey and am a Greek and Romans Studies major with possible correlates in Religion and Native American Studies. On campus, you may have seen me in any of the Barefoot Monkey's performances or awkwardly walking around the Deece looking for an empty table. 

When I was younger, I went through a period of time where I wanted to be a wedding planner, and the urge to organize and bring events to fruition hasn't gone away. From planning several surprise parties for friends to being a part of the Relay for Life Planning Committee and making an agenda for weekly Scout meetings, I have had a hand in planning events big and small. Serving as Programming Director would allow me to use this set of skills for the betterment of the Joss, and by extension, Vassar community.

But I do not just want to be Programming Director to plan events. I believe that by planning thoughtful, inclusive, and exciting events, there is real potential to impact the culture of our house and college. I would love to use this platform to maintain the community of Joss that I have come to love during my first semester and a half at Vassar so that the incoming first-year class can have just as great an experience as I did!

Feel free to stop by room 418 (where I live) to ask me any questions you may have or just to say hey! ...but I know that its a lot of stairs to climb so feel free to message me on Facebook or shoot me an email (

Thank you and remember to vote Josh for Joss :)

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Joss Treasurer

Tyler Hatch

Hey Joss! 

For those I haven't met yet, my name is Tyler Hatch (he/him/his) and I'm running for Joss house treasurer. On campus I've been active in several orgs and worked for VAST (Vassar after school tutoring). I'm from Allentown, Pennsylvania and mostly likely going to be a Physics major with an Arabic language and culture correlate. 

When I'm not in class I like to spend my time having weekly seances in Joss 307 (unfortunately all of them have been unsuccessful), jamming out to Carly Rae Jepsen, and watching vegan recipe videos. 

Coming from a single-parent, immigrant household, college was not an easy transition. I want  to make this as smooth as possible for the class of 2021 and to ensure that their time in Joss is as amazing as it's been for me. 

As your treasurer I would ensure that the programs and events you want to see get the proper funding so they can be as rewarding as possible. I also want to be a person you all can go to to express your problems and concerns about  Joss with, so that I can address them at house team meetings for you. 

Feel free to reach me through Facebook, email me at, or stop by my room (Joss 211) if you have any questions or just want to talk! I'd love to hear your ideas on how to make Joss a better place. 

I hope you all consider me, Thank You!

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Joss Secretary

Larissa Archondo

hey everyone, my full candidate's statement will be up soon, and in the meantime feel free to reach me at or on Facebook if you have any questions!

-Larissa, class of 2020 (they/them/theirs)

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Louisa Kuper

Hi Joss!

I'm Louisa Kuper, and I live over in Joss 229. I'm a prospective Biology or Neuroscience major, a member of the ultimate frisbee team, and a writer for Spoon University (look out for my rating of Nilda's cookies coming soon!) 

I'd love to part of house team because I think that the Joss community is just as top notch as our bathrooms, and I want to be a part of organizing some super appealing events. I love taking careful notes, and I understand the importance of house team being organized so that events can be well-advertised and happen smoothly. I also understand the importance of being responsive to issues. 

Vote for me because I care about making Joss the best place it can be by having fun events as well as a respect for the building and each other. Feel free to come by Joss 229, or email me at 

Thank you and vote Louisa Kuper for Joss Secretary!

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Lathrop House

Lathrop President

Elias Contrubis

Fellow Lathropians,

Lathrop, drop top.  Readin’ up books in the throp, throp, throp.

I am Elias Contrubis (he/ him/ his) and I am running for the position of Lathrop House president.  I am an incoming sophomore from New York City, possibly double majoring in Computer Science and Physics.  It is my goal for the upcoming year to represent Lathrop and the amazing people that live in this dorm.

In order to be a successful president, organization is of paramount importance.  As a highly organized person, I will be able to smoothly orchestrate house team meetings, which would allow for greater efficiency.  Of equal importance is the ability to be personable.  I am a very social person who is not afraid to approach others and I understand the value of offering a listening ear.

Finally, while I am hesitant to make any concrete campaign promises, a top priority of mine, if elected president, would be to ensure that Lathrop is as inclusive as possible.  With the recent injustices and acts of racism we have seen on campus, it is as important as ever that our residential spaces make every single resident of our house feel welcome and unafraid to be who they are.  I will make sure that these ideals are at the forefront of next year’s house team’s priorities.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or simply stop by Lathrop 321.

Thank you,

Elias Contrubis

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Parveer "Parv" Kaur

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Lathrop Programming Director

Annika Rowland

Hey Lathrop!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Annika Rowland (she/her/hers), I live all the way up on 4 north (it's a pretty great view of the deece), and I am excited to say I am running to be Lathrop's 2017-18 Programming Director!

As an undeclared bio major and art correlate on a pre-med track who participates in several different campus orgs, you could say that I need to have my life pretty planned out. This is why I believe I would fit perfectly as Lathrop's Programming Director next year. I will be able to use my careful planning skills to create some intriguing and inclusive house programs throughout the year. Want to learn to bake a delicious treat but never had the means? We can use our stocked kitchen for that. Want to take a break from your work and watch some throwback movies or TV shows? We can do that. 

Living in Lathrop during my freshman year has been one of the best times of my life, and all of the relaxing and entertaining house programs definitely played a role in this. I cannot wait to work with next year's house team to make living in Lathrop an as excellent, if not more enhanced, experience! 

Feel free to hike up to room 409 or e-mail me at with any questions/suggestions.

Thanks for your time and don't forget to vote Annika for Lathrop Programming Director!

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Lathrop Treasurer

Jo Hsuan 'Brian' Lee

Hello my fellow Lathropians, 

After having been blessed with almost a year of CommuniTea and other study breaks, Brian is here to return the favor! Many may know of me as Elias Contrubis' Asian roommate, and note that while I am sincerely grateful for the recognition, he actually can't do as many pull-ups as I can. I (he, him, his) am a prospective STEM major who occasionally secures a starting position on the rugby team. Though Elias would phenomenally represent Lathrop as the president, a strong Cabinet is necessary for the efficiency of our government - the Lathrop Treasury needs a reliable candidate!

As the two-term "fund manager" for my highschool's elaborate t-shirt ordering agency for international students, I proudly declare that I shall embrace this opportunity to provide you fine people my solution-oriented and customer-centered service. I can crunch numbers day and night as long as there's a dollar sign in front of it, and this natural drive of mine ensures a streamlined resource distribution. I promise you that our funds will be used to benefit all students, and at the same time, any of your ideas are guaranteed to be put in action to the best of my ability. 

I am excited to get more involved with our house events, and continue to establish Lathrop as the best community on Vassar Campus. 


Jo Hsuan Brian Lee

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Glyn Lloyd

Hi everyone!

For those of you who haven't met me, my name is Glyn Lloyd, and I'm an incoming sophomore from a small city in upstate NY I'm sure you've never heard of. So far, my limited time in Lathrop has made me very proud to be a member of such an amazing and unique dorm community.
The work that the house team does is critical to making Lathrop a more comfortable and fun place to live in. As a highly organized, math oriented person, and having had experience being the treasurer of my high school Honor Society, I think I would be useful in helping our house team achieve its goals.

Thanks for your time and consideration, and have a great rest of the semester!

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Colburn Morrison

Hi Lathrop!

My name Colby Morrison and I would love to be your next treasurer!

I have a strong interest in mathematics, and am planning to pursue a correlate in the subject. 

Money is also cool. I too have money in my bank account, and also have experienced spending money.

 As our economy falls apart in the next four years, I hope to make the next year a Strong one. At least for Lathrop.

Vote for me. Because I'm qualified....I promise.


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Lathrop Secretary

Sana Zaidi

Hey everyone!

My name is Sana and I'm looking forward to running for Lathrop Secretary! I'm from Marlboro, New Jersey and a proud member of 4 south. In my short time at Vassar, I have come to really appreciate the sense of community that Lathrop offers and I would love to contribute to making this dorm our home. 

In the past, I have held various leadership positions, such as Vice President of French Club and Platoon Leader of my local first-aid cadet division. I would like to use my acquired skills to help our house team. 

Thank you for your time! :)

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Main House

Main President

Simone Karuga

Hello y’all,

My name is Simone Karuga (she/her/hers) and I’m running for Main House President!

This past year I have had the amazing experience of being this house’s freshman representative. The position has allowed me to participate in house team meetings, help plan and execute events, and of course, be a voice for the freshman class. Throughout the course of the year I have learned what it takes to run a house effectively. But I have also learned that like our bathrooms, our house has room for improvement.

I remember, like every other first years, looking at Main for the first time and gawking at its beauty and size. And I remember throughout the year, wondering how such a big dorm could be so lonely. And I realized that the loneliness didn’t stem from the lack of great people or an incredible house team. It stemmed from the lack of support I felt from my fellow house members.

Part of what makes freshman year bearable is support. But not just from your student fellow, or your fellow group. But from anyone who is willing to lend a hand, whether it be a concerned neighbor calling EMS at 2am or someone passing you a paper towel after you brush your teeth. And I want Main to become that place of support, not just for first years, but everyone and anyone who needs it. I want neighbors to become friends. I want people to know more than just their roommates. And I want everyone to be able to reach out anybody in this dorm if they need help or want advice.

However, Main can often seem like an intimidating place with its giant windows and long corridors that are reminiscent of an asylum. It’s also true that talking to a person on the south side of the building if you’re from the north side seems like a foreign concept. However, as Main House President, I will set out to prove that our dorm can be as homey and inviting as any of the other dorms without having to compromise who we are.

I know that Vassar tries to be an inclusive and welcoming place and that house team is often on the front lines trying to achieve that goal. However, I believe that creating an environment where everybody feels safe and loved cannot come out of complacency or simply good intentions. It must come out of a willingness to constantly evolve for the better. And I am hoping that I can help Main House evolve into a better future.

Feel free to email me at!

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Main Programming Director

Maya Goodwin

dear main constituents,

i write to you today to formally announce my candidacy as main programming director. what does this position involve?!?, you may ask, and so you should. wait a sec and i'll google it and come back to you. ok, here it is, slightly abridged and edited for clarity.

the aforementioned seat on Main's estimable house team is tasked with the following:

Coordinating all House programming a.k.a making stuff happen. i'm gonna coordinate with my pals on house team 2017 to make all sorts of stuff happendetails below!
Attending weekly House Team meetings attendance will be 10% of your grade
Assuming the duties of the President in the case of absence, incapacitation and constipation

well i gotta say, those sound like things i could do, and do with pleasure, pride, and passion! and so i eagerly look forward to next year, like a cat looks forward to mowing the lawn. i have a series of Robust and/or Fun ideas for next year's programming including smoothies, movies, dance parties, robot parties, slumber parties, crying parties, and serious discussions about diversity. House Team's responsibility is to make Main a safe home for all.

If you want Main to become a rockin' boat of social justice and social parties, vote for meI know I will.

my future is in your very capable hands,

Maya (the Squid) Goodwin

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Main Treasurer

Ted Xie

Cream of the crop, rise to the top. Math and econ major.

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Main Secretary

Kci Archibald

Hello Main House Residents,

I’m Kci and I would love to be your secretary.  Our residential experience in college is important to how we view our experience, and I will work relentlessly with my fellow house team members to create a Main House with more community and unity.  We are a large dorm, but we can have the same sense of comfort and togetherness that the other houses have.  As Secretary, I would work to plan events that everyone can participate in, actively communicate with members of the house, and put my energy into making this house the best it can be. My goal is to create a more diverse, inclusive, and fun Main.  While I want to maintain the traditions of this dorm, I think it’s important to create new traditions to add to the Main legacy.  I am an organized and passionate person who will take the responsibility given to me seriously.

Your Hopeful Main House Secretary.

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Hanna Stasiuk

Hey Best Haus!

My name is Hanna Stasiuk (she/her/hers) and I would be honored to serve as your secretary for the 2017-2018 school year!!!

A little bit about me: I am from the Boston area and currently reside in the lovely 3 South (yay Main!). I plan on declaring a history major with an adolescent education certification at some point this spring. I am organized (catch me, as the greatest politician of all time, Leslie Knope, puts it, “jammin’ on my planner” at any point in the day), reliable, and love notetaking. I think I could bring the effort and enthusiasm necessary for a great secretary!

Why I am running: I truly feel like Main is my second home. When I first visited campus, I fell in love the beauty of the building. Now that I am ¾ of the way through my first year, I can honestly say that I love the people. Main residents are spirited, energetic, cool, and kind. I have felt welcomed every second of my time here, and want to give back to the community that I so greatly appreciate.

If you have any questions or just want to introduce yourself, feel free to email me at or message (and friend me!) on Facebook. I am eager to hear what you have to say!

Remember: Vote Hanna for Secretary 2K17!

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Noyes House

Noyes President

Esperanza Garcia

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Kenji Nikaido

Hey folks, it’s me Kenji. I use he/him/his pronouns, and I want to be YOUR Noyes House President. I am confident in my ability to represent the diverse groups in Noyes; I am a member of Transitions, Vassar Burlesque, and Camerata, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and I worked previously as the Bayit Assistant. I work at the Kiosk currently, and though that probably won’t be a reality next semester, I can still share smoothie and secret recipe tips.

Aside from my student fellow, the first person on House Team I knew and recognized on entering Noyes was the President. The President is more than just a representative in VSA meetings, the Noyes President (love you Takunda) is a friendly face who can be approached for questions from anyone in the house. I want to be that friendly face, because I know how difficult the transition can be from the familiar to unknown environments. While this may not mean as much to you voters, it does not mean the sentiment is any different. I hope to make myself known to all of you as someone you could easily talk to about house issues or dorm advice. As the representative for Noyes, I will be as accommodating of every student’s needs as possible!

Conceptually, Noyes is the most open dorm; Jetson is the largest open lounge on campus, and I hope to encourage the welcoming environment it entails. As President, I will be as approachable as possible with any concern or ideas y’all have. I really love working in Jetson’s anyway so you can probably find me there most nights. Because of its separation, I hope to make Noyes more actively involved with other dorms and House Teams on campus and to facilitate greater connections with the far-off dorm quad. The well-being of Noyes and its residents is of great importance to me because it’s more than just a home, it’s a family.

A bit about me: I’m from Memphis, Tennessee (lmk why there’s no Chick-fil-a nearby) and have always been a bit of an oddball. I love concerts, any Ryan Gosling movie, and all of Square-Enix’s video games. If you ever want a concert partner, I’m your guy, hmu with the deets (catch me at all the VICE Jazz concerts!). Or if you wanna gush about a band, I’m all for it. I might die from happiness on June 9, 2017 (in which case I’m sorry for wasting your time!)  because of Sufjan Stevens, London Grammar, and Alt-J all releasing new albums (highly! suggest!).

If you have any questions or concerns, Facebook is my favorite procrastination tool, or you can contact me formally at Or hit me up when ya see me in Jetson.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Prosper Onungwa

Hello Narwhals!
I’m Prosper Onungwa (he/him/his). I’m an already declared computer science major and I’m running for Noyes president. First off, I want to thank you all for being wonderful people and making my transition from a Nigerian high school to The US as seamless and as pleasant as it was. Noyes has played a major role in the lovely Vassar experience I’ve had so far and for that, I’m immensely grateful to you all. Now I would like to give back to you lovely people that I’ve come to owe so much. I would be honored to be your next president.
As your president, I pledge a service of love and optimum efficiency. I was class captain in my senior year of high school (it's equivalent to class president) and testimonies of my tenure were quite astounding. If given the opportunity, my service as president will be a truly amazing experience for us all. Everybody's opinion and concerns will be heard and with the cooperation of an already superb house team, we'll ensure the realization of every positive change we want to see in Noyes. I will be a stellar representative of Noyes and our excellent values of inclusion, solidarity and integrity on the VSA board and on campus. I bring a vast, diverse local and international experience unique to only me and beneficial to us all.
Noyes will always prosper. Let's just make it official. Vote Prosper for president!

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Noyes Programming Director

Laura Zapien

Hello fellow Noyesians! 

My name is Noyes Programming Director and I want to be your Laura Zapien (she/her/hers). I am a prospective film and psychology double major and I am from El Paso, Texas. I participate in various orgs such as VCTV, Transitions, and Wordsmiths. 

The most important thing I want to do is give the house an opportunity to share their suggestions or ideas and vote for future events. As Noyes Programming Director, I want to organize activities that would beautify Noyes itself, such as gardening plants for Jetsons and planning creative events that would be used to revamp Noyes and leave an impression for future residents. I will arrange events that encourage the musical and artistic abilities of Noyes House with showcases of talent. I would also incorporate our location on campus into our study breaks, using Noyes Circle as a space for athletic activities, BBQs, and potlucks (emphasis on food). Other potential events include poster/comic book sale, a flea market, baking contests, and off-campus trips. I appreciated the We Got You and melanin-based events that discussed race and other personal subject matters that were extremely helpful in becoming more transparent about what it means to attend Vassar in our different backgrounds. I wish to continue this with inclusive events that foster a diverse community. I will put hours of effort into each event if it means that my house will enjoy an hour of no anxiety, no stress, and of course no work.

I live in Noyes 304, feel free to stop by or message me on Facebook! I’M APPROACHABLE. DON’T BE AFRAID.

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Vincent Zarate

Class of 2020 (he/him/his)

There is a legend that states that a young lad came out of the womb with a strange blue aura and glow surrounding, permeating, and engulfing him. This child would grow up always feeling a relentless sense of longing for something more, something different…that is, until he came to Vassar, and specifically, Noyes house. Once there, he knew he had ended up at the right place, and that his calling was to be on house team where help to make Noyes, which is already the best dorm on campus, even better. On a more serious note, Noyes house, and more importantly, the community that makes up Noyes, is sincerely the first place where I have really felt at home. A lot of that I feel can be attributed to the tight-knit atmosphere that embodies Noyes, which I think is in part a result of some of the programming that Noyes offers. It is because of this that I would love to be the Noyes Programming Director.

I have truly enjoyed a lot of the programming that Noyes has offered this year, however, as with most things, I still feel that some improvements can be made. I would like to develop more community focused programming: programming that focuses not only on strengthening Noyes as a whole, but also individual floors, relationships between Noyes residents of different classes, and the relationship of the house team among the residents. In addition, I want to also develop programming that focuses on self-care. Finally, I would also like to implement things such as offering house meals and house trips to go to places like the ice skating rink and the Walkway Over the Hudson. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me, facebook message me, and of course talk to me in person.

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Noyes Treasurer

Fiona Madden

Hi Noyes! :)
I’m Fiona, and I’m running for Noyes House Treasurer. Noyes has made Vassar feel more like home to me, and I would love the opportunity to make next year’s freshman feel as welcomed as I have. As treasurer, I want to make sure that we take more input from residents on what money should be spent on and spend more on programs that are beneficial to everyone. Also, by investing more in Noyes itself, I hope to create a house that everyone will be proud to live in.


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Noyes Secretary

Sharen Rivas

¡Hey Nars! My name is Sharen Rivas and I am running for Noyes Secretary. I look forward to working with the rest of House Team in order to help coordinate events and create a safe and comfortable environment for all Noyesians. I believe this position would allow me to give back to the community that made me feel welcome at Vassar. ¡ShaRUN to the polls to vote for me! 
~Noyes house best house~

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Raymond House

Raymond President

Noah Pliss

Hey Griffins! My name is Noah Pliss and I'm running to be the Raymond House President next year. If we haven't met before, I'm using the pronouns they/them/theirs, I live in Raymond 302, and I'm a freshman interested in studying Religion and Sociology. 

This year, I've had the pleasure of serving on the Raymond House Team as the First-Year Representative, and doing so I've gotten to know the ins-and-outs of Residential Life and House Team ethics at VC. I've also enjoyed acting in FWA's production of Bare: a Pop Opera and being a student activist in a new coalition of first-years called H2A: Healing to Action.

Through the work that I do at Vassar, I intend to make a direct impact in the educational experiences of my peers by providing them with welcoming, loving, and efficient spaces. I believe that this has to start with Residential Life. As the President of Raymond House, I want to energize the House Team to have a more personalized approach to Freshman Orientation that would cater specifically to the new needs of incoming students. I think that Vassar, experienced, is much different than I thought it would be upon enrollment. New freshman need both love and hardcore advice from the Raymond House Team. Throughout next year, I would like to work with Michael Drucker and the other brilliant members of House Team to create robust programming at the center of our House that communicates self-care, safety, and political intent to our residents. Strategically planned events with these baselines will help maintain the momentum that is built up during Orientation week to carry us through the year as a key influence in our Griffins' experiences.

After organizing around Cole Fisher's petition to the Board of Trustees, throwing Under the Stars, and holding a responsive circle after anti-black graffiti was found in the library, I believe that the current 2016-2017 House Team has done a remarkable job in creating a resilient voice for Raymond House. I intend to build off of their inspiration in the coming year!

Shoot me an email ( or stop by room 302 if you would like to talk. Otherwise, see y'all in the hallways!

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Raymond Programming Director

Tyler Lopez

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Sammy Storz

Helllooooooo :~)

I’m Sammy (they or she pronouns), and I want to be your Raymond Programming Director! I’m from northeastern Vermont and I’m undeclared but leaning towards American Studies or something humanities based.

I love the community I’ve found in Raymond, and want to continue to build upon the work that House Team has done to foster such community as Raymond’s Programming Director. Because first-year orientation and the rest of freshman year is such a formative time for Vassar students, I want to focus on ensuring that next year’s first-years are equipped with the tools to navigate Vassar’s sometimes scary social and academic world. Some ideas I’ve had are: info sessions with the Office of Accessibility and Educational Opportunity, a workshop on pronouns and gender identity, an event discussing Bias Incidents and racial violence on campus, and on the lighter side of things, trips to the roller rink in Poughkeepsie and the movie theater at the galleria. 

Most of all, I want to get to know all of Raymond’s wonderful residents, because you are all so kind, talented, funny, and welcoming. Facebook message me, visit me in 315, or email me at with questions!



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Raymond Treasurer

Sarah Boese

Hello fellow Raymondites!! I am Sarah Boese (class of 2020) and I am I am running for Raymond House Treasurer. I will be a sophomore net year and am studying math and german here at Vassar.

I believe that in being treasurer I will have a unique ability to use my influence within House Team to make Raymond as welcoming as possibly. The sense of community I have experienced here during this last year has been amazing and also very grounding and I hope to extend that feeling into next year and create a similar, or dare I say better, experience for the incoming freshman.

I hope you vote for me for Raymond house treasurer!!

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Juo-Hsi (Sylvia) Peng

Hello neighbors and friends! 

My name is Sylvia Peng and I am a freshmen living in fourth floor. For those who don't know me, I am a perspective International Studies major and math correlate. On campus, I am involved in orchestra, the debate society, and contrast fashion magazine. 

Because of living in Raymond, I have met so many kind and unique people and made some of my closest friends, EVER, so it would be an honor to be your Treasurer. 

As the Secretary of Vassar Debate Society, I came to learn that finance is so important in any org because without enough money, events or programs are limited. Working in the debate exec board also allowed me to understand how org budgets work at Vassar, so I have confidence in advocating for our budget. 

Despite our poor facilities, Raymond residents are known to have a tight knit community. I find that extremely admirable, but, at the end of the day, we deserve better! I hope to work as the treasurer to help rally funding for renovations and, at the very least, make some minor but important changes like installing another water fountain or new shower curtains. 

If you have any questions or suggestions contact, me at or come by room 417 for some tea, toast, or rice! (my roommate splurged on a lot of kitchen appliances)

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Raymond Secretary

Ryan Levitt

Coming soon----


Feel free to reach out on Facebook or by email (

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Strong House

Strong President

Alexandra Hatch

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Strong Programming Director

Mackenzie Nielsen

Hi! My name is Mackenzie Nielsen and I'm running for Strong House Programming Director. I would love to get more involved on campus this coming school year and I think House Team is a really amazing way to do so! I really love to plan events so I think this position would be perfect for me! Also the dorm environment in Strong is super awesome and think I could help to continue it's greatness and push it to be even better next year being the Programning Director.

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Strong Treasurer

Dea Oviedo


(I'll keep this brief)

I'm Dea and I want to work with next year's Strong House team as your treasurer to make sure Strong can continue to serve as a warm and welcoming home to all of its residents. I moved to Strong this semester and I immediately fell in love with its unique charm (plus it's close to everything).

You should feel confident when casting a vote for me because I have a lot of experience working with budgets, requesting funds, etc. (I am also currently a member of the VSA Finance Committee), and I am organized and accountable– qualities I believe make me a great candidate for this position.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions via e-mail or on Facebook. Vote for Dea!

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Strong Secretary

Jillian 'Jill' Frechette

Hey Strong!


If we haven’t met yet, my name’s Jill (she/her/hers) and I’m running for secretary! Some background on me: I’m from central MA, am planning on majoring in English with a correlate in French (and possibly doing pre-med, but the prospect of orgo is terrifying). I’m currently involved with The Misc and Vassar On Tap, and you can usually catch me Wednesday evenings at study breaks. I’m organized (my planner is color coded!), probably one of the best note takers of all time (ask any of my friends), and know everything I know about politics from The West Wing and Parks and Rec (just kidding!).


Coming in as a freshman last fall I was a little terrified (isn’t everyone?), but everyone in this house (especially House Team) has made my time here so enjoyable! Strong provides an atmosphere that is so welcoming and uplifting (I love the self care corner), and I’d love to be able to contribute to that next year (freshmen and upperclassmen alike!)


If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to message me on Facebook, send me an email ( or visit me in 408!


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Yesenia Garcia

Dear Strong,

My name is Yesenia Garcia and as a little girl my only dream was to serve as the Strong Secretary for the 2017-18 school year at Vassar College, a highly selective, residential, liberal arts college located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in New York State.

I am a prospective Neuroscience and Behavior major with a correlate in Race and Ethnicity. My greatest passions are science, writing, and knitting, so my observation and writing skills (as well as my scarves) are of the finest quality! As the secretary, I will ensure that our house runs in an organized manner and that everyone’s voice is heard.

I am also the proud new owner of a set of scented gel pens and would be delighted to put them to good use. If you have any questions or want to discuss school supplies, I live in room 420 and my door is literally always open!  

If elected, I promise you that I will be The Strongest secretary in the world.


Yesenia Garcia


Prospective Strong Secretary

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Terrace Apartments

Terrace Apartments President

Sunny Gaughen

Hey! I’m Sunny (she/her/hers) and I would love to be TA president for next year! I’m currently a junior, majoring in political science and Russian studies, and spent this year studying abroad in Russia and the Czech Republic. (So if you’re looking to spot me on campus, you’re out of luck, friends.)

I’d like to serve as TA president because I want to represent TA residents and interests in VSA meetings and other college forums and be a part of creating programming to foster a welcoming community for everyone living in the TAs. While at Vassar, I've been a part of Main House Team and 2018 Class Council, so I'm familiar with ResLife and student government and would be honored to represent the TAs if given the opportunity. 

I also come highly recommended. According to Liv Rhodes, I’m “super cool” and would make a great prez.

Questions? Have cool programming ideas? Want me to send you adorable pictures of George, my golden retriever? Just want to chat? Find me on Facebook or email me at


gossip gaughen

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Kaden Grae (Wood)

Hey everyone!

My name is Kaden Grae (he/him/his), and I'm a rising senior at Vassar. I'm an urban studies major with concentrations in earth science and political science. 

I'm a member of the Vassar rugby team, as well as a member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). Both of these organizations have a focus on responsibility and safety for yourself and those around you. Harm reduction. 

As your TA president, I would work encourage the adoption of harm-reduction policies by both the VSA and the Vassar Administration. For the health and safety of our community, we need a total review of Vassar's new party policy. As it stands, it encourages dangerous behavior that impacts everyone here. Nobody wants to be involved in an EMS call, and my goal is to implement policies and revisions that will reduce the amount of students who require EMS. Additionally, I want to see a formal confirmation from, ResLife and Safety and Security, that the Good Samaritan Policy applies unequivocally. 

I also believe in full transparency. I will take whatever steps possible to engage as many students as possible in policies and decisions that directly effect them. I will also work to encourage the full disclosure of discussions and voting on all Boards, Councils, and any other role that I serve. 


Thanks for your consideration!

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Nora Kyrkjebo

hey pals :)

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Terrace Apartments Treasurer

Terrace Apartments Programming Director

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Town Houses

Town Houses President

Emily Martin

Hi everyone!
My name is Emily Martin (she/her/hers), and I am a rising senior majoring in math.
I am currently the House Student Advisor in Jewett and have been on Jewett House Team for the past two years. While I have experience working on residential life issues within a dorm, I am eager to apply my experience and skills to the more communal setting that is the THs. 
Please let me know if you have any questions! 

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adam senack


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Town Houses Treasurer

Amber Dean

I want to make the Town Houses a great place to live! 

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Town Houses Programming Director

Jonathan Alperstein

I would love to do outdoor dining events. I want to foster a strong TH community; I am very open to ideas. 

Please consider me for this position


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Glynnis Olin

Hi everyone!

I'm Glynnis Olin and I'm running for Town Houses Programming Director because I want to make Vassar a fun and exciting place for everyone!

I plan on creating social opportunities for the Town House community to bond, as well as larger campus-wide events that will bring all students together in an inclusive, positive environment.

We have enough daily stress from our classes, jobs, and extracurriculars, so why don't we have some fun programming, too?

Vote Glynnis for Town Houses Programming Director! 

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Town Students

Town Students President

Sessi Blanchard

keep it fun, keep it funky. involved in some cute community organizing, so would def be bridging the bridge between vassar and those orgs (like ENJAN, antifa lol). also idk i'd make sure there were more backyard drag shows

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Town Students Treasurer

Town Students Programming Director

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South Commons

South Commons President

Halle Hewitt

Hello there! My name is Halle, and I am a rising Senior majoring in Media Studies who will be living in the SoCos next year. I want to get to know my neighbors and do what I can to make their residential experiences as enjoyable as possible! 

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South Commons Treasurer

South Commons Programming Director

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Cooperative Housing

Cooperative Housing President

Mathew "Mat" Thomas

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Cooperative Housing Treasurer

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Judicial Board

Judicial Board Chair

Noah Webster

Hello friends and peers,

My name is Noah Webster (you may know me as the one who wears a blue and white hat with a tree on it everywhere), and I have been a member of the Judicial Board since my first year at Vassar. I value the work that the board does, and have been honored to serve as Chair during this 2016-17 academic year. We have seen a number of logistical changes in how we have managed the student conduct process this year, many of which have resulted in positive improvements for board members and, I believe, for the campus as a whole. We have had many more active participants in Student Conduct work than in several years prior, which I am proud to have helped with. 

I would relish the opportunity to serve in this capacity again. I know the Student Conduct system very well and would like to see it improved even more going forward. Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for participating in the campus election process. 

- Noah Webster, Vassar Class of '18, Blue Tree Hat Guy

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Judicial Board 2018 Representative

(Four Representatives)

Zuheily Quiñones

Hi!!! I'm Zuheily and I would love to be one of your Judicial Representatives for 2017/2018. I am a third year Japanese major and Computer Science correlate who has dedicated their life to pursuing the true meaning of fairness at the root of all intersections. When I’m not, I can usually be found coordinating themed selfie sessions with my cat Ixchel.

You may have heard of my exploits as Caribbean Student Alliance Freshman Representative of 2014/15, Strong House Sophomore Representative of 2015, Poder Latinx Community Co-chair of 2016/17, Caribbean Student Alliance Vice President of 2016/17, and, of course, as a student overall. I do a LOT of representing and, trust me, I am real loud. I also like to believe that I have watched enough Caso Cerrado, La Rosa de Guadalupe, The First 48, Forensic Files, HTGAWM, and Florida court public broadcasts to know how the Judicial System works.

In addition to my excess of wonderful leadership roles, I have often been on the receiving end of academic judicial sanctions for petty offenses such as excessive tardiness, late payment of school fees, and getting a C once (or twice?) back in the day. I definitely know what it is like to be punished for the little things, while watching others get away with pretty big things themselves. I want to fix that.

Elect me as your Judicial Representative and you’ll know I got you. ????


Hide Statement

Abhideep Singh

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John Wallner

My name is John Wallner, and I am running as representative for the 2018 Judicial Board. I am an upcoming senior at Vassar and have studied this year abroad in Paris at SciencesPo. My intended majors are in French and Geography. I believe I would be a good candidate for Judicial Board Representative because I am passionate about the fair treatment of students and believe that most students should be given the chance to prove themselves even after they have made a mistake. I find that Vassar's disciplinary actions are less than consistent, and that the rules and standards for students are often vague and confusing. Safety and Security also seems to be quite inconsistent with its actions and decisions. These are two things I would like to work towards improving if I am elected to serve on the Judicial Board. I thank you for your consideration and hope to serve as a 2018 representative on your Judicial Board!

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Yvonne Yu

Hi Everyone!

My name is Yvonne Yu and I am running to be one of your 2018 Judicial Board Representatives! I am a Biology and Education double major from Princeton, NJ.

For the last three years, I have lived in Jewett and was part of Jewett House Team as a Student fellow and HFI. Next year, I will be serving as the Senior Community Fellow for Joss House Team. In addition, I have worked on Campus Patrol for the past three years and have been a Supervisor for the past two.  In these positions, I have often interacted both with students and administration, acting as a liaison between the two. From this, I have developed important communication and enforcement skills in a variety of issues, including academic, social and private. I believe that my past experiences and commitment have prepared me for addressing various conduct issues in Judicial Board panels. Last year I was elected as one of the Judicial Board reps but due to a change in VSA policies I did not serve on the student conduct panel. If re-elected, I hope to serve on the panel next year and I will be a responsible, just and dedicated representative, so please consider me!

Feel free to reach out for questions or comments - Thanks!

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Judicial Board 2019 Representative

(Four Representatives)

Jesser Horowitz


My name is Jesser Horowitz (he/him/his). In high school, I served as president of the Yorktown High School Mock Trial Team and as a member of the Yorktown Youth Court. At Vassar, I serve as President of the Mock Trial Team and am a member of the student conduct board.

I have a passion for law. As your representative to the Judicial Board, I plan to pursue a non biased, equal approach to proceedings that benefits the students. I will do my best to ensure the maintenance of justice and the rule of law at Vassar.

If you want to talk more feel free to contact me at

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Grace Kirkpatrick

Hi Class of 2019! I'm applying to be a judicial board rep from the standpoint of already being a member of Vassar's separate Student Conduct Board. Last summer, I was called to do jury duty in my hometown, and as dreaded as that might sound, I ultimately learned so much from listening to a difficult sexual assault case and then interacting with my fellow jurors while we had to decide someone's innocence or guilt. This motivated me to join the conduct board here at Vassar, where I learned that delivering sanctions is not about "punishment" or "justice" so much as it is about creating the most good for Vassar's community, or motivating a person to succeed past a small misstep. Now, I and my peers try our hardest to deliver sanctions in line with this philosophy, and I would greatly value the opportunity to do this on the judicial board as well.

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Kevin (Do Hyeon) Park

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Sabrina Ulsh

Hi Class of 2019! I'm applying for a seat on the judicial board because I believe in the power of government at every level, and I want to bring a compassionate and fair voice to the judicial board. I am interested in making Vassar a fair and equitable place, and as a member of the judicial board I am interested in determining each case in a compassionate way that upholds the values that Vassar stands for, especially inclusion and fairness. 


A little about myself: I am a political science major interested in a future career in politics and government. I have been a member of several communities on campus, including in the student athlete community as a member of the women's basketball team. I would be honored to represent the class of 2019 as a member of the judicial board.

Hide Statement

Devon Wilson

Hi there! 


My name is Devon Wilson and I am applying for the position on the judicial board as a representative of the class or 2019. 

I have experience  serving on many representative boards outside of Vassar pertaining to student conduct, fair management, and responsible resource usage. I have recently been serving as programming director of Noyes house and have garnered considerable experience that I feel is relevant for this position. 

Thanks for your consideration and time of reading my statement. Have a great day! 

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Judicial Board 2020 Representative

(Four Representatives)

Spencer Edmonds

Hello, Class of 2020! I am applying to be a judicial representative for our class year! Although I may not have any prior experience serving on any judicial board, I do love hearing both sides of an issue and then making a logical decision based on both side's cases. I do however have experience in going to my local government's county commission meetings, watching and analyzing how certain people within my county make their decisions. I want to help Vassar students and not hurt them in any way. Nor do I want any student that has been charged with misconduct to feel as if the Judicial Board's purpose is solely for trying people in a malicious way, but for the student to see that the board is there to create a positive and all-inclusive environment for the Vassar community. 

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Claire Kendrick

Hey, class of 2020! My name is Claire Kendrick and I'm running for the privilege of being your Judicial Board representative. Why Judicial Board, you ask? Disciplinary action can often seem scary or unfair (I know because that's how I felt every time someone I knew got kicked out of my boarding school), but I hope to use this role to make decisions that are fair and benevolent because I care about making Vassar a happier and safer place for everyone.

Though my high school didn't have a student government, I spent a significant amount of time working with the administration through my various leadership positions, especially during my senior year. Through my work as an editor of the school newsmagazine, heading the Jewish Student's Association, and in the admissions and advancement offices I have dealt with a diverse array of problems, highly confidential information, and seemingly constant decisions to be made. I think this experience will help me contribute positively to the Judicial Board and to our community. 

Please feel free to reach out to me by email (, on Jewett 5Tower, by smoke signal, or however. Thanks, class of 2020!

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Dylan Smith

My name is Dylan Smith and I am running for the Vassar Class of 2020 representative on the Judicial Board. As an upstanding student with no previous conduct violations and no intention to commit any future violations, I am the right person to hold this position. In addition, I believe in the importance of holding students responsible for their actions, as well as following rules to ensure the productivity, effectiveness, and accountability of the VSA. Students have a responsibility to the Vassar community to follow the rules established by that community, and we have a responsibility to make sure those rules are followed. 

To say, briefly, what interests me about this position: I have been involved in Mock Trial in various forms for the past 5 years, and through my experience I have developed an interest in legal systems and proceedings. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement. 


Dylan Smith 



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Madison Stiefel

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Joint Committees

Committee on College Life (CCL) 2018 Representative

Sophie Deixel

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Committee on College Life (CCL) 2019 Representative

Desmond Curran

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Patrice Scott


we've got a bubble to pop.

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Committee on College Life (CCL) 2020 Representative

Patrick Eom


I drew that one cover photo for the Vassar 2020 Facebook page with the library and the sun with sunglasses and bet if it got a hundred likes, admin gotta make it the official cover photo, but it got over a hunnidfiddy

click this link for a tiny throwback to last summer

Get you a representative that can make the rain  stop and the sun shine through the clouds, someone who can make the grass green and the flowers bloom... Spring's long overdue and your college life ain't no college life without em bees buzzin


1. Deece food will taste better

2. Raymond will be renovated

3. Memes of Color will blow up bigger than UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens

In all seriousness, I'm here to put a hint of goodness into the things that happen on this campus. Vassar's a unique school with a character that's defined by all our lives, so let me be the representative that can help you do what you love.

 Patrick Eom (he/him/his) is a South Korean Freshman from California. He loves to ride his bike and is a Computer Science major pursuing the Dartmouth program. He's a DJ in his free time with his best friend forever Sam Kim.

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Alan Vision

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Committee on Inclusion and Excellence Representative

Eugene Lopez-Huerta

Hey, everyone! I'm very excited to run for this committee, in short, because I want to have a part in improving the Vassar experience for all current and future students. This job requires more than just my own perspective, so I really look forward to hearing and representing other students' ideas through this position.

Currently, I am a representative on the First Year Orientation Committee, and I really enjoy providing the insight of others as well as my own in order to improve future Orientation programming. Running for Inclusion and Excellence feels like a continuation of my work in the Orientation Committee.

I'm always refreshing my email, so you can reach me at Thanks for reading!

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